15 Interesting Travel Facts About Pakistan

Belonging to everyone’s bucket list, Pakistan is the epitome of culture with lots of history, great architecture, and stunning destinations to visit all round the year. If you’re still unsure about visiting Pakistan, here are 15 interesting facts to make up your mind.

1. Pakistan is home to one of the world’s highest roads, the Karakoram highway is also known to be the China-Pakistan friendship highway. Runs for about 800 miles with the most breathtaking views one can ever witness.



2. Having the cheapest travel options, local transportation options can be as cheap as Rs.20 (USD 0.1) from one station to the other.



3. Pakistan has the world’s largest and longest civilizations. With fascinating sites of history’s patchwork, Indus Valley Civilization ranks as the oldest civilization with a population of around 5 million.



4. It is the most hospitable place you can ever visit. Foreigners who have already traveled to Pakistan, consider it as one of the most hospitable countries in the world.



5. It has the largest deep seaport in the world. Gwadar recently opened for the public and as an international business hub, located on the Arabian Sea along the coastline of Balochistan is the new lifeline of the country’s economy, and unveiling as one of the most liked destinations in Pakistan



6. Pakistan has some of the world’s highest mountain ranges. It is also home to the world’s second-highest peak K2. Other highest mountain ranges include the Himalayas, Hindukush, etc.



7. Pakistan has numerous UNESCO sites. Pakistan consists of 6 UNESCO world heritage sites. Interesting isn’t it? The sites include the remains at Sahr-i-Bahol, monuments at Makli, crumbling ruins of Taxila, ruins of Mohenjo Daro, Shalamar Gardens, Buddhist ruins at Takht-i-Bahi, and Fort Rohtas.



8. ATM at the world’s highest elevation. This ATM belongs to the National Bank of Pakistan in Gilgit Baltistan. It is 15,397 feet above sea level!



9. Pakistan has the world’s highest polo ground. At 3,700 meters this traditional polo ground is n top of the Shandur with different festivals and intense tournaments taking place all year.



10. Pakistan is one of the most culturally rich and ast countries. With amazing landscapes, architecture, and designs all around Pakistan is recognized by its culture all around the globe. “Pakistan is vast, deep, and nuanced. Every time I go back to the same places, I find something new to learn, something new to experience” said the popular solo female traveler, Breanna Wilson to Forbes.



11. Pakistan has the world’s highest desert land called the Deosai Plain. With an average elevation of 4,114 meters above sea level, it is the second-highest plateau in the world.



12. The largest human-made forest is in Pakistan. 12,423 acres, the Changa Manga forest was initially planned in 1866 and became the world’s largest human-made forest.



13. Pakistan is home to the oldest and second-largest salt mine. Khewra Salt mine is a major tourist attraction as it is the largest salt mine. 250,000 people visit this mine every year.



14. Pakistan consists of the most amazing treks for adventure enthusiasts. There are hundreds of beautiful treks from multi-week expeditions to simple day hikes, Pakistan is a heaven for people who love new adventures.



15. Pakistan has the most relaxed visa policy. If you’re looking for a second home in the most gorgeous hilly areas, Pakistan is where you can do so. With an easy and cheap visa policy, many foreigners tend to stay in Pakistan for 6 months or more.