Babusar Top

Situated in the Kaghan Valley, connecting it to Thak Nala on the Karakoram Highway. Babusar is at a distance of 80km from Naran and not much of the necessities are available here so it’s better to pack and bring all the important stuff with you when exploring the Babusar Top.



This high point is accessible by cars and it’s also important to drive carefully as the roads are hair pinned making the area look spectacular. 

The best time to visit the Babusar top is from May to September. 



Once you get to the top, you will realize that this journey was worth every km as you get to see the most breathtaking views from the very top. The clouds float through you with a heavenly breeze, surely it feels like heaven on earth. You also get the view of Malika e Parbat which is the highest peak in the region along with many other snow-capped peaks and the Pakistan-China border.



Another thing that will catch your attention is the biodiversity of the Babusar Top. With a great number of plants and bird species, you might get to see some hawks, owls, snowcocks, and snow pigeons.



If you’re hungry you might find some local tea place or Dhaba to have some rest.