Best Museums In London

London is an incredible city for gallery and museum lovers, there are hundreds of museums they can choose from. Interesting, isn’t it? The exciting thing is that most of them are also free. Here is the list of top museums in London.

V&A Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the largest museums of applied arts in the world, it is not only the magnificent museum of the UK but is soon going to become of the world too. It has great collections of fashion, textiles, art, and design. There are also going to be temporary shows ‘Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser’ until 31st December 2021, and another show ‘Bags: Inside Out’ until 16th January 2022. Tickets are available every Tuesday. Find all of the details here.

British Museum

This Museum was established in 1753. Most of the permanent collection in this museum is from the era of the British Empire. What’s interesting about this museum is that it was the first national museum open to the public. Most of the galleries here are free. This museum has amazing artifacts from all over the world including highlights like the Parthenon Sculptures and Rosetta Stone.

National Gallery

Located in Trafalgar Square, it has over 2,000 paintings making it the grandmother of galleries. Most of the paintings are from the Middle ages to the 20th century. You can see works by the famous  Van Dogh,

Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Caravaggio. Also, lookout for the upcoming shows ‘Poussin and the Dance’ from 9th October to 2nd January. Find the details here.

Natural History Museum

Discover fascinating, natural exhibits from all around the world in the halls of the Natural History Museum. Wow at the giant whale and dinosaur skeletons. You come face to face with the man-size models of different natural species. The collection here comprises more than 80 million natural specimens.

Science Museum

You don’t have to be a nerd at school to have a wonderful time at this museum and get fascinated with the wonders of science first-hand. There are countless exhibits for children and adults to marvel at. From crazy inventions to different machines, discover so much by visiting.