I Lost My Passport… What Now?

Before or during a trip abroad, you are having your passport stolen or misplaced is a traveler’s worst fear and can be challenging to handle. Are you going to be able to return home? How do you obtain a passport replacement? Will you need to alter your travel schedule? All of these are significant issues to think about. The information you need to learn about replacing a lost passport is provided here.

Report a Lost Passport to the Relevant Authorities

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You’ve searched everywhere, so how come you can’t bear to look any longer? Breathe in deeply. Locate the closest police station and make a report first. This is an essential criterion that you must bring to the embassy and is required for every travel insurance plan.
If you’ve got an important trip planned, you may prefer to avoid this step as it won’t usually expedite the procedure for obtaining a new passport. Next, call the National Passport Information Service to report it lost formally. Your passport is no longer in effect once you’ve reported it as stolen or misplaced.

Locate the Closest Consulate or Embassy


Find the nearest embassy or consulate immediately so they can assist you in applying for a new passport. Make an appointment by calling in advance, and be sure to let the embassy representative know if you’ve been the victim of a crime. It’s crucial to be specific about your intended departure date. It won’t harm to do some research ahead. Before you go, attempt to find the embassy of your country. You won’t be left in the dark without the internet that way.

Compile All the Necessary Documentation


So you have an upcoming meeting at the embassy? Prepare yourselves now. When you visit the consulate, you’ll need to provide specific documents with the request in order to get a new passport. The following details are necessary:

  • A passport picture
  • Document of identify
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Route map (including airline and train tickets).
  • A police report is not required but will help to establish the circumstances surrounding the loss or theft.

Waiting for a Substitute Passport for the Missing One

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It can require around four to six weeks to get a new passport. However, if you are already abroad and seem to have urgent travel arrangements to return to the country, an emergency passport would be provided to you within 24 hours. Be advised that this temporary passport will only be valid for the flight back to the country; when you arrive home, you’ll need to get a passport that is truly legitimate.


On weekends and federal holidays, consulates and Embassies are unable to issue passports. Except in cases of true emergencies, in this case, visitors may get in touch with a consular staff after hours


This is a terrifying situation. A lost passport is scarier because it is necessary to travel to another nation, although dealing with a lost smartphone or suitcase is usual. The document is necessary for foreign travel because it demonstrates both your identification and citizenship. So, just don’t panic and tackle the situation smartly by following the above mention tips.