Passports and boarding passes are no longer required to check in at Dubai Airport

Passengers traveling from Dubai International Airport won’t require a passport or boarding pass anymore due to a newly introduced biometric system.


Passengers won’t need to present their passports or other forms of identification because a biometric system would ensure their smooth travel through the airport, according to Major General Talal Ahmed Al Shanqiti, Assistant General Director of Airport Passport Affairs Sector, who spoke to Gulf News. In other words, a traveler only needs to show his or her face to be allowed to enter the terminal and board a plane.


According to Al Shanqiti, the most recent biometric technology used at Dubai airports combines facial and iris recognition, allowing travelers to enter without requiring their passport or ID. All immigrants, Emiratis, and visitors whose information has already been registered at GDRFA since 2019 are subject to this system. The GDRFA system has all biometric data saved for upcoming travel.


Passengers can pass through passport control quickly with seamless travel. Travelers do not require an exit stamp on their passports; they can simply go through the biometric system. They can complete Passport Control procedures without human assistance due to the process’ use of facial recognition.


In accordance with the leadership’s orders to incorporate cutting-edge technologies through all government services in order to improve quality of life, the recently established smart systems at Dubai Airports are indeed a part of GDRFA-efforts Dubai to build novel smart services.


Through the use of artificial intelligence, passengers will be able to take part in the most thrilling virtual biometric passenger experience ever, according to Maj Gen Al Shanqiti.


We strive to create a seamless and quick client journey while continuously enhancing our services with cutting-edge technology and creativity. We want all counters to be intelligent, he continued. The passenger can go to the control officer to receive the necessary stamp if they are traveling to a destination that necessitates it.


The department also intends to increase the number of smart gates throughout all Dubai airports, according to Major General Al Shanqiti. There are already 122 smart gates, and in 2022, over 12 million travelers used smart gates. In the initial phase, 50% of travelers used smart gates annually. With these smart counters, he continued, “We want Dubai airports to rank among the simplest and quickest airports in the world.”