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Should You Use A Travel Agent vs. A Travel Website?

You are not alone if you are having trouble deciding how to organize your upcoming holiday. Many different sorts of travelers may be split between making online reservations and hiring experts to plan their vacation specifically for them. So, booking online vs. utilizing a travel agent Even seasoned travelers have this confusion.
Depending on you and the vacation you wish to take, the answer can be pretty specific. But don’t worry; we’ve outlined everything here so you can avoid having to discover the hard way how to plan the ideal holiday.


Continue reading to learn the benefits and drawbacks of booking through a travel agent, online, or even both.

A Travel Agent

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A travel agent is a specialist in organizing travel for clients, serving as a resource for information on lodging, travel arrangements, excursions, and places generally. They serve as a liaison or facilitators between passengers and the organizations at the location that offer various tourist services and amenities. They may also be referred to as trip consultants or advise.

There are many things you may not always be aware of, including the greatest places to stay, the best ways to travel by air, the best tour guides to show you around, and more. A travel agency can not only ensure that you receive value for your money but also make all of the necessary preparations on your behalf.

The travel agent then receives payment based on the contractual arrangements. The hotels, flights, and tour operators that a travel agent books pay the majority of the agent’s salary, however, there are occasionally fees charged directly by the customer.

A Travel Website

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Travelers can now make either one of their travel plans alone if they’d rather delegate to a professional thanks to advancements in internet technology. The times when you were required to walk down the street and ask a representative to search up flight schedules are long gone! In fact, a lot of tourists choose to make straight online credit card reservations for their flights, lodgings, excursions, and other activities.

You’ll use a way to look up trips, attractions, and expeditions online once your travel plans for flights and lodging are finalized. Amazing travel websites are beneficial in this situation. providing everything from basic entry tickets to VIP guided tours. Once you get there, you may see everything they’ve to offer by going to these websites and just entering your destination.

Differences between Travel Agents and Travel Websites

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Using a travel agent is a very different process from searching for flights online. Along with the extensive planning procedure and experience, your ultimate vacation itself could end up being quite different. However, it’s not always a terrible thing, so let’s discuss it below.


Firstly, be aware that a travel agent might charge additional costs. There may be a price for their services, even though travel agencies often earn the majority of their income from the opposite side of the deal by collecting compensation from both airlines and hotels.
Online reservations, on the other hand, typically don’t have any additional processing fees. You just pay the fares or prices you see, without receiving any additional travel advice.

Time Saving

Travel agents relieve you of the duty which saves you a tonne of time. Booking with a respected agency that is knowledgeable about your trip will ensure that the agent is a professional. In the same manner, you can be very sure that you won’t be left there overnight on a bench or on a tour in a creepy bus with no air conditioning. In order to set you up for a fantastic trip, the travel agent must understand who to rely on and who executes what well. But travel websites don’t provide such services.

Managing Issues

You have a second adversary to set things properly in your travel agency in case something does go wrong. Since you are the customer and it is their responsibility to satisfy you, they ought to be reachable by phone or email as soon as something doesn’t meet your expectations or you feel you aren’t receiving the service you paid for. Because hotels want to satisfy travel agencies so, they will make every effort to make events successful for those guests.

Perks and Special Treatment

On the plus side, booking through a travel agent can get you free upgrades and extras. Hotels want to delight travelers who book via travel agents so that travel agencies continue to book their hotels; similarly, your travel company wants to please you so that you continue booking with them. The key distinction from booking online is this.
Frequently, your hotel room will have a card from the travel agent and a greeting dessert or bottle of red wine. Additionally, hotels frequently give travelers from travel agencies first access to amenities like extra perks and early check-ins.

Similarities between Travel Agents and Travel Websites

Similarities between travel agent vs. travel website

Besides so many differences there are a few things that are common between Travel agents and Travel websites. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Access to Online Check-in

When making an airline ticket reservation through a travel agency, the process will still result in a confirmation number despite having access to unpublished rates and behind-the-scenes technologies for purchasing airline tickets.

Regardless of whether you make your reservations online, you’ll still encounter yourself confronted with the computer 24/7 before takeoff, prepared to enter the necessary code and obtain boarding cards.

Unfortunate Bump

Those who have gone through this fear seeing the words “unfortunate bump” or “boarding denied.” It occurs when an airline oversells a ticket and must determine whether to turn away one or more passengers. Whenever a flight is overbooked, ordering online or through a travel agent may not give you a preference over other passengers. Naturally, the airline will indeed begin by requesting volunteers. In fact, one must carefully analyze these offers because they frequently include cash or flight vouchers.

Sharing Account Details

Regardless of whether you make your reservation directly through the hotel’s website, online through the website, or through a travel agent, you should always be ready to present a credit card in your identity at check-in along with a little cash pre-authorization. This is accurate regardless of whether you prepaid for the room, and it is accurate if the travel agent prepays for the room and food. The hotel wants an assurance that you will have the money to cover costs like room charges and other unforeseen expenses.

Bottom Line

We also reveal that, if you have the time, booking your own travel is more likely to result in cost savings. Travel agents frequently charge an additional booking fee despite having access to identical rates and not receiving commissions on flights.
If you are still confused about this go and check our article on what’s better about travel agents and travel websites. It will help you in making your decision for your next trip.