Travel Guide for England

Almost all of us dream of traveling to England, and there are thousands of reasons why. Whether you want to go for a solo trip, explore a city or look for some adventures, England always has something for everyone. With its deep-rooted history, magnificent culture, and beautiful architecture it is a place one must visit. So what are you waiting for?

Places to Visit


London is the most visited city of the UK, it is also the capital and largest city of England, with top attractions like the British Museum, Natural History Museum, London Eye, and Tower of London. You can find out more about the museum in London by going through extensive blogs on the Best museums in London by clicking here. With lots of green spaces, art exhibits, and exciting events annually London is a place that is truly worth it.




The cultural hub of England is famous for its extensive libraries, amazing sports history, and fantastic nightlife. With its famous history, Manchester city is famous for its Science and Industry Museum, National Football Museum, Manchester Art Gallery and Heaton Park. The city is also notable for its architecture and sports club, known throughout the world.



Birmingham city

Known for its heritage in the world of rock music, delicious food, and having its roots in manufacturing. It also seems to have a huge cultural impact. Birmingham city has top sights like the Cadbury World, National SEA LIFE center, Library of Birmingham, and Birmingham Museum and Art gallery.




Iconic foods around England

Fish and Chips

No matter where you are in England it won’t be hard for you to find a plate of fish and chips. This is a traditional dish in England consisting of crispy batter with fried fish. This dish now has many outlets outside England too.

Toad in the Hole

Another traditional English dish consisting of sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter served with vegetables. This dish is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Eggs, vegetables, sausages, almond milk are used topped with onion, meat, or chicken.

Bangers and Mash

Often accompanied with peas and gravy, this traditional dish consists of mashed potatoes and sausages. This dish can be found on most menus in England. Sausages can be made of lamb, pork, or beef.

How to get around?

Local Buses

Buses in England are famous and convenient as they come in all shapes and sizes. In most  cities, you can buy a ticket from a driver but in London, you must have an oyster card. You can find more about how to get around London by taking a look at our article specifically about transportation in London. Click here to find out.  Buses are useful for remote regions but are slower than trains


To travel long distances in England, trains are the way to go as they are more comfortable and faster. Fares are generally high for trains but you can save some money if you book in advance and not at the last minute.

Car Rental

Compared to some of the countries in Europe, rental cars are expensive in the UK. The price for a week could be about £130 for a small car. You can look online at some famous rental companies like Sixt, Budget, Thrifty, Avis.

Travel Essentials for England

Planning to take a trip to England? Here’s a short guide to remembering what to keep. Have fun packing!

  • Carry an international power adapter, instead of having to buy new ones for every country you can just get this and carry it anywhere. Don’t forget your power bank too.
  • Be ready to layer up and remember to keep a coat no matter what the weather is.
  • No matter how much you have planned to get around using transportation, there will be times you will have to walk so keep a comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Get a small bag with toiletry and glasses for your ease.