Upcoming Events For You To Attend in Berlin

Major festivals take place in Berlin annually and what’s even better is that we’ll let you know about all the events in the upcoming months so you don’t miss anything if you’re planning to visit. These events are also a reason to start planning if you haven’t already.

Oncoming in September

  • Berlin Art week, from 15 to 19th September 2021. Exhibitions will take place in many venues in Berlin. This is an opportunity for art lovers to explore the artists exhibited in galleries. For these 5 days, the world visits Berlin for this art week.
  • Berliner Herbst-Rummel, from 15th September to 17th October 2021. This is an Autumn Carnival offering 15 different rides for children and adults. The entry fee is free. 

Oncoming in October

  • Zeughausmesse, from 30th September to 03rd October.  One of the leading fairs for contemporary arts that is for everyday use, high quality, and modern designs.

Oncoming in November

  • Jazzfest, from 4th to 7th November. This fest will be celebrating diverse styles of jazz and its manifold. Musicians from Berlin get together for this festival and this has been happening for over 50 years. The central venue is Haus Der Berliner.
  • Interfilm, from 16th to 21 November. This is a short film festival attracting film lovers from all over the world making it the second most significant film festival in the world. 500 films will be presented in various categories.

Oncoming in December

  • Christmas Garden Berlin, from 13th November to 09th January 2022. The Botanical Garden in Berlin gets lit up magically into a fairyland with light sculptures, magic woods, and colorful illumination.
  • New Year’s Eve on 31st December 2021. This celebration will take place at the Brandenburg Gate, with spectacular fireworks, live bands, and entertainment shows. It’s still not confirmed if it will happen this year due to the Covid situation