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Winter Road Trip Tips

Have you planned a winter road trip? Until you’ve accomplished this checklist, don’t get in your car.

Many tourists traveled to Murree last winter to reap the benefits of the snowy weather. But tragedy persisted when numerous individuals perished after being trapped in a snowstorm. Due to the cold, poor planning before the trip, and lack of knowledge of how to manage situations after they occurred, many people lost their valuable lives. Disasters are difficult to predict, but there are some precautions that may be taken, especially while planning a trip to prevent them.

Snowy areas get a large number of tourists during the winter. But difficulties often accompany snow. Although most people fill up car fuel tanks, buy drinks and snacks, and inspect their vehicles before going on a road trip. However, in order to have pleasant and safe travel, winter road trips require additional planning and preparation.

Let’s discuss the best ways to prepare for a winter road trip in order to reduce the risks as much as possible.

Road closures and weather reports

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I cannot explain enough how crucial it is to do research on the weather of the location and the area your journey passes through for weather updates. In Pakistan, several news outlets only provide a generalized description of the weather. Always use the internet and other resources to investigate the weather forecast, the state of the roads, and any warnings that may have been in effect locally. A few things that could cause problems on the road are traffic congestion, accidents, and roadblocks due to flooding and snow.

Check out your vehicle

Car engine

It’s a good idea to get your car checked by a professional, or at the very least someone who truly understands what they’re doing if you’re going to be driving a lot of miles in the cold. Although a thorough inspection is advised, the following is a fast checklist of factors to pay special consideration to:

  • Ensure that the heater is in functioning condition and that the car radiator has enough antifreeze.
  • Replace any lights that look to be weak or dead after checking all of your lights.
  • Replace your wiper blades right away if they are beginning to look worn. 
  • Ensure that wiper fluid is temperature-rated for -40 ° F (-40 C).
  • Examine the condition of your battery.
  • Think about getting your car oil changed, and when you do, request a winter-friendly oil that really functions with your particular engine.

Install snow tires or skid chains


The first essential to examine and fix is a tire for a drive through a snowy location. Prior to actually taking a road trip to a ski resort, do this. Tires that are worn out are terrible since they are likely to slide on snow and can’t get a strong hold on the sloppy road. We also advised setting up skid chains or a pair of snow tires if you were going somewhere with a lot of snow.

Fill the gas tank

Refilling gas

Considering that cold weather can lead to unforeseen delays, so we advise staying fueled and energized. When driving in the winter, we advise having your fuel tank at least partially filled and your phone charged. Your gas lines won’t freeze if you keep your tank full, and if you ever get stranded, you’ll have a dependable supply of heat.

Additional Time and Scheduled Stops


Plan additional time and scheduled stops for your winter road trip. If the route takes two hours during the summer, allow an extra hour during the winter since you’ll travel more slowly in the snow and ice. Try to take advantage of the daylight as driving at night in the rain or snow is quite risky. Planned stops make it easier to select a place for breaks and will assist you to plan the precise time.

Examine Your Route


Before setting out on your journey, look up the route on Google Maps, note the key turns, fuel stations, and rest areas, and find out where the hotels and cafes are along the way. This can help you estimate how much further you have to go before stopping for food or gasoline. You can ask about upcoming stops and other information at the stops.

Making hotel reservations

Woman making a reservation

A reservation for lodging in advance will guarantee a room at the guest house or hotel, which in tourist locations tend to get overcrowded, particularly in snowy or stormy weather. Make sure you are aware of their locations. Prior to arriving, contact them to confirm your arrival so they can arrange the rooms, food, etc.

What to Pack


Although there is a large list of items to bring in your car for a winter trip, additional warm clothing and blankets are some essentials. If you are stranded in your car at night when the temperature in a chilly place drops rapidly, you should have a few comfortable items in the trunk.

Bring snacks in your car all the time. Even though you have a reservation for lunch at a restaurant, you should still pick up some dried fruits, cookies, drinks, water, etc. to keep in the car.

Take Roadside Assistance Service

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Who would you call for assistance in the event of an emergency on the road? Think about joining a roadside service as a crucial item on our basic road trip checklist to provide you peace of mind in case you become stranded. Additionally, jot down the phone numbers so you have them handy in case of an emergency.

Closing Up

Before embarking on any long, cold-weather trips, there are undoubtedly additional steps you can take and things you can do to reduce risk. But perhaps, these fundamental pointers will enable you to reach your destination without mishap.