Looking for activities in the Maldives? You’ve arrived at the best location. You can enter paradise by traveling to the Maldives. The Maldives is a beautiful vacation with opulent suites spreading over blue waters from the white sand beaches.


I must admit that we had no plans other than to lounge in the sun, drink drinks, and watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean. However, once we got to our tiny island paradise, we discovered that there are more activities available in the Maldives than we had anticipated.

Top Activities In The Maldives


Over-the-water bungalows are indeed a beautiful sight, and those pictures are what initially lured us to the Maldives. Do the Maldives provide other activities except for for relaxation, though? Definitely!


The Maldives are perfect for romantic getaways, water sports, and adventure. We visited the nearby atolls and the capital city of Male on multiple-day trips despite staying on two private islands in the Maldives. For everyone, these are the top things to do in the Maldives!

1. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The Maldives has become one of the best places to do scuba diving on the planet, so if there’s anywhere you should attempt it, it’s here. If you are not qualified, there are numerous reasonably priced PADI dive shops where you may take an exploration dive or sign up for a variety of dives to one of the many reefs.

The Maldives is home to a plethora of marine life, including sea turtles, reef sharks, whale shark migration, and stingrays. There is no need for a wetsuit here because the water is warm and inviting, and the crystal-clear blue seas provide great visibility. Unquestionably, this was one of our favorite activities in the Maldives.

2. Snorkeling


Snorkeling is a fantastic alternative if diving isn’t your thing. You don’t need to dive deep to view a lot of marine life in the Maldives because the reefs are so immaculate! More than six sea turtles were seen eating lunch at the reef when we were snorkeling with them.

We managed to witness a tonne of underwater creatures than only sea turtles thanks to our two hours spent in the water. One of the nicest things to do in the Maldives is snorkeling, without a doubt. My finest experience was when I was surrounded by enormous groups of colorful fish that were migrating together with the tides. We had the impression that we were in a massive aquarium when the three masses combined.

3. Observing dolphins

Observing dolphins

We departed shortly before dusk in quest of dolphin pods. It didn’t take our captain very long to find one. We’ve had a chance to observe dolphins in the wild, and we have to admit that those in the Maldives are among the most animated and playful creatures we’ve ever encountered. The fact that the person in charge of our boat didn’t approach the dolphins too closely or pursue them excessively also made us extremely happy. He stayed well away, giving the dolphins space. He remained at a safe distance, allowing the dolphins to swim away if they so desired.

4. Island hopping

Island hopping

Unbelievably, the Maldives has a sizable population, and many residents reside and work on the islands. Make sure to arrange an excursion to explore the adjacent local islands and towns if you stay on a private island in the Maldives. This day’s tour around the islands was fantastic.

Because the inhabitants of the Maldives adhere to a stringent version of Islam, it is important to dress appropriately. Avoid spaghetti straps and wear long skirts or shorts. Bring some cash so you can purchase regional goods.

5. Surfing In The Maldives

Dhonveli - Over Water Suite

The Maldives is a premier surfing location. Top surfers from all over the world come to the Cinnamon Dhonveli Hotel to experience its fantastic break away from the crowds. Surfing is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in the Maldives for thrill seekers. Even though we were only very amateur surfers, we enjoyed watching the pros paddle out towards the pipe each morning as we sipped our coffee.

The pro circuit even includes Dhonveli as a stop because this break is regarded as one of the best on the planet. There are several additional islands in the Maldives from which you can take some surfing lessons if you’re not an expert.

6. Stand-Up Paddleboarding


Paddleboarding is a fantastic alternative if you don’t like surfing. In safe bays with transparent water, you can go paddling while watching fish swim just beneath your boards. The majority of the islands in the Maldives are surrounded by calm, shallow waters which only ebb and flow depending on the rising tides, making them ideal for stand-up paddling. Boards can be rented at both resorts.

7. Go to a Spa

island paradise

The Maldives is an island paradise that was built for romance, so be sure to indulge yourself while there. We heartily recommend a couple’s massage to increase the romance factor. Couples and families made up the majority of visitors to the Maldives.


Skilled masseurs massage away the aches and pains during your long trip or day in the sun as calming music plays in the background. Ensure that you have nothing else on your daily to-do list after an hour and a half of luxury since you’ll want to savor the tranquility.

8. A Romantic Dinner at Sunset


There isn’t a place on earth, in my opinion, that is more romantic than the Maldives. This is the location to spend money on a special night out if you’re traveling with a partner. While most meals in the Maldives are served buffet-style, treat yourself to a sunset beach or sunset pier supper as a respite from the smorgasbord.

9. A Beautiful Flypast of the Maldives Islands

A Beautiful Flypast

As you fly above the Maldives, it is beautiful to view the various hues of the ocean below. To reach several destinations, a twin-engine float plane ride is necessary. We strongly advise scheduling a scenic flight over the numerous atolls if you aren’t fortunate enough to be staying on a private island that necessitates a journey out across the Indian Ocean. As the deep ocean slams onto sandbars and coral reefs, the islands pattern the water. Numerous islands are encircled by kilometers of a shallow sea that can be crossed at low tide. From the air, one can truly appreciate how remote and stunning the islands are.

Beaches with white sand

Beaches with white sand

The Maldives are well-known for its atoll-length white sand beaches. and it is simple to walk on the smooth sand. Visitors who prefer the beach will adore the Maldives since you can stroll along sand bars far out into the pristine waters. What’s even better is that you can access paradise right from your terrace if you stay in an over-the-water cottage. And the Maldives are exactly that. Islands of Paradise.

Plan a visit to the Maldives

There are a few things you should think about while organising a trip to the Maldives. The Maldives can be visited at any time of year. The Maldives experience pleasant weather all year long. Given that this is the dry season, November through April is the busiest travel period. I would advise considering a trip around June, at the start of the rainy season, if you are seeking for some savings.


Direct flights are available from Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Qatar to the Maldives. Because the islands are incredibly small, they are forced to construct waterside bungalows. They can because the water is so shallow. These islands, which are perched on underwater plateaus, are just itching for you to stop by and have a look.