10 Useful Phrases For A Perfect Travel in Pakistan

If you’re a travel enthusiast who likes to get along with the people of the place they are visiting, even if you’re not, it’s always essential to attempt to speak the local language so you get the idea and it’s easier for you to get your message across. Below are the keywords that you should try learning before traveling to Pakistan:


Hello (English) – – Salam (Urdu), 

Derived from Arabic this means “Peace” usually used to greet people.


How are you? (English) — Aap kese he?/ Kya haal hai? (Urdu)

This is usually said right after you greet the person to ask how they are doing.


Thank you (English)— Shukria (Urdu)

Used to show gratitude or appreciation. 


Goodbye (English)— Khuda Hafiz (Urdu)

Usually said when you or the other person is leaving.


Do you speak English? (English)— Kya aap angrezi boltay he? (Urdu)

You can use this to know if the other person can speak English so that it’s easier for you. If they say “jee” or “haan”, it means that they can! But if they say “Nae” then they can not speak English.


I don’t know (English)— Mujhe nahi pata (Urdu)

You say this when you don’t know something or aren’t sure.


Yes, No, Ok (English)— Jee, Nae, theek he (Urdu).

‘Jee’ or ‘Jee haan’ is to agree to something, while ‘Nae’ is to say dismiss something and ‘Theek he’ when you’re okay with something.


What’s your name? (English)— Aap ka naam kya he? (Urdu)

You can use this when you really want to know the name of the person you just met, it is a great way to interact and know someone.


Please (English)— Bara he Meherbani (Urdu)

This is to make a request in a very polite way.


How much does this cost? (English)— Ye kitney ka he? (Urdu)

You can use this when you’re shopping or transporting and want to know how much a particular thing will cost you.


Where can I find a taxi here? (English)— Mujhe taxi kahan se milegi idhar? (Urdu)

Keep this in your notes so whenever you’re looking for a ride or taxi you can ask this from some stranger to get help.


Where can I find wifi? (English)— Mujhe Wifi kahan mil sakta he? (Urdu)

This can be used when you are looking for a place to get wifi.


Where can I make a phone call? (English)— Telephone raabta kahan se karsaktey he? (Urdu)

If you’re looking to make a phone call or find a local phone, you can use this phrase for the locals to understand you.