Pakistan; An Ultimate Stopover for Wildlife lovers

There are around 92 wildlife sanctuaries, 31 national parks, 160 community reserves, 97 game reserves, and 19 wetland reserves that makeup about 398 protected areas of wildlife making Pakistan a great stopover for wildlife lovers.

Here are the best wildlife areas you can find on your visit to Pakistan:

Bird Aviary

Demoiselle Crane

This is the 3rd largest aviary in the world with a great diversity of birds, located in Islamabad. It has great entertainment and activities like Barbeque, boating, etc.  With beautiful lakes and species of birds like Peacocks, Black Swans, Australian parrots, and so much more. Most of the birds here are free to roam around and if you love walks, this place will be great for you as you can walk between the birds.

Tooshi Game Reserve


This is the place to spot markhors which is the national animal of Pakistan and is also endangered around the globe. You can find markhors here and even film or photograph these precious animals. You need a good lens camera as you descend down the hill. This game reserve is home to hundreds of markhors.

Nila Sand

Located 90kms away from Rawalpindi,  this is a small lake with the most beautiful waterfall bluish-green water. With a proper road infrastructure leading to this place, it’s easier to get here. There is great biodiversity to be found here like fishes, birds, etc.  You can also find restaurants and cafes nearby to enjoy the local food and tea. There are also trekking trails and the lake itself is great for swimming for both children and adults.

Lahore Wildlife Park

Various species of animals can be found here and you can even feed the animals here, a really fun activity especially for the kids. This is a must-visit place if you’re looking for a deep understanding of the wildlife. The major attraction that pulls people here is the largest bird canary and the open lion safari.

Safari Park Karachi


This is one of the best parks for family and friends in Karachi, with a beautiful waterfall flowing on the lake while ducks, swans, and pelicans swim make it five times more beautiful. There is also a safari bus that lets you take a tour of the whole park.