6 Best Things To Do In Islamabad, Pakistan In 2023

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and a contemporary metropolis, is one of the most traveled cities across the country and one of the best destinations to explore in Pakistan. Due to its sizable international airport, accessibility to picturesque locations in Northern Pakistan, and high volume of business travelers, it serves as the beginning point of many travels inside Pakistan. All of these tourist groups do, however, share the fact that they most likely will only stay in the city for a short time. What can you do in Islamabad if you only are given a day to explore it? The good news is that there is a lot to see. The small but sophisticated city has adventure clubs and fun-filled activity centers. In short, Islamabad offers a million entertaining things to do. In order to help you plan your day, We’ve put together this helpful Islamabad plan.

The Top 6 Activities In Islamabad

1. Explore The Symmetry Of Pakistan Monument

Take an Uber to Pakistan Monument early in the morning. The monument is situated on a hill in a massive park. If you go earlier in the morning, you’ll have the land and can explore at your own pace. Make sure that you arrive early because this venue fills up quickly.

2. Check out the Lok Virsa Museum

The Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, a fantastic modern museum of history, art, and cultures of Pakistan as well as other Central Asian countries, is only a short stroll from the Pakistan Monument. The museum features both indoor and outdoor galleries, including a variety of displays showing Pakistan’s dynamic and diverse cultures from various regions, as well as opportunities for you to enjoy traditional music collections and view a number of locally made cultural documentaries. The Lok Virsa Museum is the best venue to discover about Pakistan.

3. Explore the Food Court at Centaurus Mall

You’re probably asking why going to a mall is on this list, but stay with me. From the outside, Pakistan appears to be a very traditional nation. When you stroll through a city like Lahore and Rawalpindi, you may realize that Pakistan also has a modern side, which is best displayed in a location like the Centaurus Mall. They also offer a food court consisting of international and local chains that will keep you stuffed for days.

4. Examine The Daman-E-Koh Viewpoint

Get an Uber up towards the Daman-e-Koh viewpoint at about 3 PM when the light is just right to see why many refer to Islamabad as the greenest city in Pakistan. There is no sight of the city that compares to this. If you go on a Sunday, you’ll also be met with a tiny, festive market full of refreshments, little rides (like bouncy castles and teacups that spin), and a tonne of residents having a good time with their families. It is among the greatest times to visit Islamabad and socialize with the locals. When they are joyful, they are especially hospitable.

5. Dine At Monal Restaurant, Pir Sohawa

A wonderful restaurant named Monal can be found farther higher up the hill from the Daman-e-Koh viewpoint. Here, you may eat both local and western cuisine while enjoying a great vantage point over Islamabad, which is encircled by the Margalla Hills. Even if the meal is pricey and perhaps not the best, the sight of Islamabad at dusk is unbeatable.

6. Go over to The Faisal Mosque Around sunset

One of Islamabad’s most well-known structures, the Faisal Mosque, is well-known for a valid reason. With a capacity for 100,000 visitors at once and another 200,000 in the courtyard area, it is the biggest mosque in the country. The mosque has a particularly distinctive form, with the external construction resembling a Bedouin tent rather than the traditional dome-shaped one found in just about all mosques around the globe.