Shopping malls in Islamabad Pakistan

Top 7 Famous Shopping Malls in Islamabad

Everybody enjoys shopping, and it gets even more interesting when we talk specifically about women. The fact that it is a need for every second individual out of every five cannot be denied. Of course, Islamabad has no shortage of markets or shopping centers.


But, if you enjoy shopping for everything in one place while inside a cool structure, you probably prefer modern malls to traditional markets. You may already have a favorite mall, depending on your preferences and other factors like accessibility. But have you ever considered which one, given the variety of stores, food options, entertainment options, and other amenities, could be the most satisfying? Speaking specifically of the malls in Islamabad, there are various upscale shopping centers there that provide a variety of services as well as top-tier clothing, cosmetics, cuisine, and other popular brands.


Regarding the retail district in Islamabad specifically, certain recent locations proposed from the past few years have now come to be recognized as one of the top malls in both Pakistan and Islamabad. Why not check out some of the top shopping centers this weekend if you have no plans? Whether you want to celebrate the conclusion of the week by relaxing for a few hours in a cafeteria or a theatre watching a movie with your dear ones, or whether you are in desperate need of some shopping?


We will talk about the top 7 malls in Islamabad that locals choose to shop at for upscale and essential things in this blog.

1. Centaurus Mall

Centaurus Mall Islamabad

The Centaurus Mall is renowned for its striking architecture, which combines three skyscraping buildings with an amazing cross-waved pattern. It has a five-floor shopping complex, three residential buildings, and allowed incorporation structures. Centaurus stands out as a beautiful vista and is unquestionably a unique attraction due to it being a retail business. It may be found in Islamabad, Pakistan, at F8, 4 Jinnah Avenue. In 2013, Centaurus Mall Islamabad opened for business. Following its debut, several well-known companies, including Khaadi, Bonanza, KFC, and others, opened branches there to join this magnificent creature of the time.


All the well-known and outdated stores, small shops, and a sizable supermarket are present in the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. The well-known Al-Fatah chain store offers a one-stop shop for all of your groceries. A fun park with seasonal rides and a food avenue is also located at the Centaurus mall in Islamabad. Centaurus has long been regarded as one of the top retail centers, and both domestic and international visitors adore it.

2. Safa Gold Mall

Safa Gold Shopping Mall Islamabad

If you’re wondering where to get top fashion labels in Pakistan’s capital, try Safa Gold Mall. It is advised that you visit Safa Gold Mall to enjoy a branded shopping trip! One of the best malls in Islamabad offers a variety of enjoyable leisure options for you and your loved ones in addition to shopping.


Furthermore, Safa Gold Mall offers a secure atmosphere for your kids to play in. A play area for children, 24-7 security, an eco-friendly setting, food courts, brand outlets, escalators, ATMs, elevators, and parking facilities are some of the amenities.


On the other hand, a special section with games like a bowling alley and other indoor attractions has been set aside in Safa Gold Mall for young children. Some of the best food companies have honored this mall by opening stalls and other outlets on the food court level.

3. Giga Mall

Giga Mall Islamabad

Are you familiar with Islamabad’s Giga Mall? or Islamabad’s Global Trade Center? It is a well-known mall in Islamabad with a variety of amenities, food courts, and other features. It is situated in Sector F DHA Phase II, Main GT Road, Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad, which is a prominent location. Giga Mall, also known as Global Trade Center, Islamabad, is a 14-floor shopping center. One of Islamabad’s top shopping centers, Giga Mall is a great place to go shopping and provides a tonne of exciting activities for the whole family. This cutting-edge mall is home to several well-known local and worldwide brands that sell apparel, food, and accessories.

4. Olympus Mall


The Olympus Mall is one of Islamabad’s most offensive ventures into the retail industry and was the eagerly awaited project that was yet unfinished. One of Islamabad’s newest malls, it opened for business within the previous year. The Olympus Mall has completely changed the way that retails looks and has established a new bar for high-quality shopping in Pakistan. The project supported by the esoteric standards established by malls in the west will undoubtedly be an eye-catching sight because it is situated in a prime location in the residential and commercial sector of F-11 Markaz. Olympus Mall’s building essentially embodies the Greek ancient style, setting it apart from other commercial centers in Islamabad.

5. Al-Janat Mall


Al-Janat mall is last but not least. It is a place like heaven for people who are compulsive shoppers, as the name implies. One of the top shopping centers in the twin cities for all types of shopping is Al-Janat Mall. It doesn’t matter if it is jewelry, shoes, designer clothing, children’s clothing, etc. This gorgeous mall has all of the best apparel brand outlets, which makes shopping there appealing.


The finest part is that they give their customers discounts and good value. Since it is situated in a prominent area of G-9 Markaz Islamabad, most residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad travel there whenever they need to go shopping. That allows it to be included among one of Islamabad’s well-known malls.

6. Mall Of Islamabad


The Mall of Islamabad is the next topic on our list. It involves drastically improving previous ways of thinking to create the most ideal environment for the present. The Mall of Islamabad offers an occasional glimpse into one of the most worldly-aware capitals in the world from its prime location in the capital, Principal Jinnah Avenue in the Blue Area.


Beautiful views of the long-desired area of Jinnah Avenue, with Margalla Hills in the background, include the entire skyline of the nation’s capital. It is a piece of commercial real estate that Bahria Town has created. The Mall of Islamabad has a unique advantage over other developments of a similar nature.

7. Emporium Mall Islamabad


An excellent example of a modern mall is Emporium Mall, which has all of its clothing, accessory, cosmetics, and footwear stores air-conditioned. This gorgeous commercial center is situated in the heart of F10 Markaz.


The Emporium Islamabad, part of the Islamabad Skyline project, would be a remarkable retail establishment at the town’s most suitable position. One of Islamabad’s most prominent commercial developments, it will produce a wonderful shopping arcade and has set new standards for living. The project, Pakistan’s first high-rise shopping mall, has 11 floors and offers a variety of retail and leisure options. Each floor of the beautiful, unconventional, cutting-edge notion known as Emporium Islamabad will evoke one of seven different themes.


Every floor of the mall offers fresh thrills and special features that add to the guests’ excitement. Emporium Islamabad is unquestionably a visual strategy that has been thoughtfully designed in Islamabad’s upscale neighborhood. The mall, which is built on a four-sided corner site, has 150 stores, hundreds of national and international brands, rooftop cafes, a gaming area, an outdoor dining area, and several recreational amenities with a themed plan. Also, it has a little parking lot and is conveniently located for most of Islamabad.

Final thoughts

The top 7 malls in Islamabad, which are popular with both locals and tourists from around the world, are listed above. These malls are an additional means of promoting Pakistan’s construction and retail industries, both of which increase a nation’s economic value.