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7 Best Tea Spots in Karachi

One might be surprised to find a great number of chai shops featured alongside popular fast-food franchises when looking at the best cafes in Karachi. Indeed, we enjoy drinking hot tea to go with our traditional Pakistani cuisine. Each Karachiite is given an inexplicable burst of energy after drinking a cup of chai, which may be due to the humid climate that permeates the city or simple addiction.


We enjoy sipping chai in the morning with soft parathas and munching on a variety of biscuits and rusks dipped in chai when the sun sets! Finally knowing that we’ve revived our intriguing relationship with chai, let’s take a look at Karachi’s top 7 chai locations.

1. Chai Shai

In a short amount of time, the recently opened teahouse Chai Shai Karachi has received a great deal of praise. The Chai Shai cafe, which is artistically created and is located in DHA, draws customers in with its lovely environment and delectable food. A lively and energizing atmosphere is created by the outside seating in conjunction with the colorful posters and artwork. Chai paratha is a favorite snack for both adults and kids in Karachi on calm nights. Also, Chai Shai allows patrons to throw festivities and parties.

2. Koyla Chai


A modest cafe in Clifton titled The Koyla Chai serves an unusual chai blend along with parathas and quick cuisine. The restaurant’s signature beverage is Koyla chai, however, it is also available in Sulemani chai, Ginger chai, as well as a range of Kehwahs. The coziness of tea and deliciousness of Nutella paratha assure a delectable encounter as the fresh sea breezes caress your skin. In addition to offering a fantastic menu, Koyla Chai also offers a gaming area and arranges musical events to keep its guests happy.

3. Chai Deewari


In Johar, Chai Deewari is a welcoming location to stop by after a long day to unwind with a revitalizing cup of tea. It is incredible to see how quickly Chai Deewari Karachi has grown to be a well-known chai location. The open, airy setting with a nod to traditional Dhabba architecture seems to exude a friendly aura amongst its visitors. The staff’s hospitality is also pretty exceptional, which raises the bar for comfort. The classic Dhoodh Patti Chai serves as a reminder of Pakistani traditions and culture in addition to the pleasant ambiance.

4. Dhabay G.


Undoubtedly, the people who live in DHA phase 6 will be familiar with this inviting tea shop. As a tea stall, Dhabay G primarily aims to provide the residents with great chai and unique Lachha parathas! Dhabay G is the ideal spot to go regardless of whether you want to warm up with a cup of tea under the starry winter sky or satiate your appetite with delectable rolls. The outdoor seating encourages socializing with friends and family and helps you feel more connected to nature

5. Chai Wala

Chai Wala

Looking for a cafe where it’s possible to take the whole family out for a late-night outing? If so, Chai Wala Karachi is the perfect location! You will undoubtedly feel renewed and invigorated by the open-air teahouse’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Every action you do at the Chai Wala will be of the highest caliber, whether it be ordering a cup of basic chai or one of the restaurant’s tantalizing pizza parathas. Chai Wala is a fantastic restaurant that is frequently ranked among Karachi’s best. A citizen of Karachi must visit this wonderful teahouse in DHA to escape the tension and pressure of city life!

6. Fibbi Café

Fibbi Café

One can only enjoy an exceptional dining and tea session at Fibbi Café because of their steadfast commitment to cleanliness and excellence. The Café’s Fibbi chai has a unique flavor and scent thanks to the usage of its own carefully crafted tea leaves. Fibbi Café, which is intended to serve as a late-night location, is a great place to hang out with your loved ones, family, and friends.

Together with its distinctive tea, Fibbi Café is well known for its mouthwatering sandwiches and traditional biryani. The informal and family-friendly atmosphere at Fibbi Café is provided by the sophisticated interior room quality. It may currently be found at DHA, Clifton, and several commercial centers.

7. Chai Master


The disco chai may be familiar to you. Well, if you’ve been to Chai Master Karachi before or are considering it, then many customers have probably already claimed the name. In this chai shop in DHA, Disco Chai is a popular house specialty. People enjoy drinking this beverage with some hot parathas and rusk because of its robust yet sweet flavor. The antique teapots on the shelves in the room’s interior give it a gorgeous appearance. Spending meaningful time with friends and family is made possible by Chai Master’s colorful and energetic atmosphere.


Chai is a desire, a thirst that is difficult to slake. Unfortunately, the tempting treat must complement your palate and calm your anxieties as you sip it, quenching your thirst. You no longer need to worry, though. You just need to get in your car and drive to the heaven-sent chai locations now that you are aware of the greatest eateries in Karachi that are entirely focused on offering the best tea in town!