Best Biryani a Biryani Lover Could Find in Karachi

Simply described, Biryani is the city’s food scene’s beating heart and soul, comparable to Paye in Lahore. Having a comprehensive list in one spot helps simplify your search even though searching for the “best Karachi Biryani” may lead you to a few locations. Let’s look at it!

List of Restaurants Serving the Best Biryani in Karachi

Biryani is one of the city’s many top picks for the greatest Asian food. Every event, from weddings to birthdays, revolves around it. Having said that, these are the locations that serve the tastiest Karachi Biryani.

Madni Biryani


Many customers arrive at the restaurant already determined to bring the biryani home and dine on it pleasantly. But, as soon as they arrive at the shop and smell the variety of spices used in the food, their mouths start to water and they cannot wait to bring the biryani home. But don’t worry; the owners considered this and set aside a space just next to their restaurant so you can promptly fulfill your appetite. Madni Biryani in Bufferzone is the spot to go if you want to enjoy your unbelievably fantastic biryani with a special raita and a refreshing beverage.


Location: RE-31, Sector 15-A/3, Sector 15 A 5 Bufferzone, Karachi
Time: Monday through Sunday, 12 PM to 12

Chaudhry Mateen


While looking for one of Karachi’s top biryani restaurants, residents of North Nazimabad need not travel far.  If you don’t believe them, the lengthy line outside the restaurant might give you an idea of the caliber and flavor of the Biryani Chaudhry Mateen has indeed been serving Karachi residents for quite a long time.  The Biryani is Chaudhry Mateen’s specialty despite their large menu. They also maintain a pakwan center, so you know who to call if you want to offer it to your guests during the dawat.


Address: North Nazimabad, Karachi, 4th St N, Block M

Hours: Monday to Sunday

Call: 0336-330-0444.

Allah Wala Biryani


Since its founding in 1999, Allah Wala Biryani has been serving tasty, high-quality Biryani to Karachi residents. At one of the most sought-after areas close to Karachi, next to Shahrah-e-Quaideen, Allah Wala Biryani offers a wide selection of food, from desi to fast food.  While the restaurant might not have enough space to serve a large group of Biryani fans at once, its effective delivery service makes up for it. You may also use their application, which is available for download from the Play Store, to get it delivered.


Address: Block 2 PECHS, Noor Masjid Road, Commercial Area, Karachi

Hours: Monday to Sunday

Call: 0311-111-1292.

Farhan Biryani


Farhan Biryani seems to be the cure for your hunger if you reside in Johar.  The entire community of Gulistan-e-Johar has been engulfed by what began as a little restaurant in Pehlwan Goth. Farhan Biryani has three locations on the same street to serve the sizable crowds gathered outside the doors. They provide delivery, takeaway, and eat-in choices to the public.


Address: Block 12, D-56, Gulistan -e-Johar

Call: 0323-224-7226.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani


City foodies flock to Liaquatabad to enjoy this unique but delectable reimagining of their favorite meal.  Before they tried Nalli (Marrow) and created the Nalli Biryani, which attracted the curiosity of all Biryani lovers in Karachi, the shop was known for its Beef Biryani up until the beginning of 2018. In 2018, Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani quickly gained popularity on social media. The street crowds indicate that the excitement hasn’t subsided yet.


Address: Block 6 Liaquatabad, next to the Madni Mosque, close to the Shell Pump.

Hours: Mon.-Sun, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Call: 0332 254 2575.

Student Biryani


To amuse the city’s students, Student Biryani opened in 1969 as a roadside cafe in Saddar. In the year 2021, the franchise established a name for itself, particularly in the Gulf nations.  There, as well as in other locations throughout the city, are still the original branches from Saddar. The most flavorful, fragrant, and reasonably priced biryani is served at Student Biryani in Karachi.



Address: Saddar, ZC-57 Katrak Road, Karachi

Hours: Monday to Sunday

Call: (021) 111 111 778.

Closing Up

This concludes our list of restaurants serving the greatest Karachi Biryani on our blog, however, the list is not yet complete. In this regard, Al-Tikka Jameel’s Biryani, Biryani Centre, etc. are a few names worth mentioning.