Famous Fish Points in Lahore

The residents of Lahore, Pakistan’s historic capital city, are known as Lahori. The Lahori like eating delicious food, and the city is well known for its mouthwatering Masalaydar (spicy) cuisine that tempts visitors from outside of Pakistan as well. Here, we’ll talk about the popular fish spots in Lahore that would sate your seasonal appetite.


Throughout the world, people enjoy fish, and fish is also very excellent for your health. It is fortified with nutrients including minerals, vitamins, and proteins necessary for perfect health. It is a very nourishing food, and according to a study, you must eat fish every week to maintain good health.


Now let’s find some great and well-known fish spots in Lahore that would help you satisfy your craving for delectable fish.

1. Babu Fish Corner


The best seafood in Lahore is served at Babu Fish Corner. It sells a range of fish for an affordable price. The Lahoris prefer their fish tandoori, fish kebab, and fried fish, their fish tandoori is delectable and is simultaneously crispy and tender. A true Lahori who has a passion for delicious food must stop by and taste their fish.

2. New Haji Restaurant & Fish Corner


The New Haji Restaurant & Fish Corner is unquestionably going to be the most incredible location if you want to spend some quality time with your relatives or close friends. It gives you the very best Barbecue and Pakistani food under one roof. It became well-known soon after it opened, and now people flock here to eat when they are hungry.

You get properly spicy and hot fish served to you. On their fish menu, you may get fish tikka, fish fry, fish without bones, and many other options. If you enjoy fish, you must taste their fish, which is flavorful and affordable.

3. Haji Sardar Fish Corner


Perhaps you’ve heard people say that “Sardar ki Machhi”  is the best in the city, and they’re not wrong either. One of Lahore’s oldest and most well-known fish stands is Haji Sardar. The freshest and friendliest tasting fish in Lahore is provided by Haji Sardar. Since it is located in the well-known Qartaba Chowk, you should sing by to experience the divine flavor if you’re ever passing by fish.

4. Bashir Darul Mahi

filled with fish aficionados

A place or a house is referred to as a “Dar” in Urdu, and a fish is referred to as a “Mahi” in Urdu. Thus Dar ul Mahi signifies “The House of Fish”. An excellent fish restaurant with a reasonable price range is Bashir Dar ul Mahi. Customers must wait to receive their delicious orders of fish because the establishment is filled with fish aficionados. In Lahore, there are two locations. One is at Johar Town’s MM Alam Road, and the other is on Maulana Shaukat Ali Road.

5. Siddique Fish Corner

fish tikka

You may taste some of the most delicious and luxurious seafood in the town at Siddique. Fish Corner. Your taste buds will be satisfied by the spicy Masala added to their fried fish. Furthermore, fish tikka alongside naan and chutney are available. Your hunger will be satisfied by their fish, and you will get your money’s worth.

6. Blow Fish Restaurant


Blow Fish Restaurant, the best place to eat grilled fish, is located on Walton Road. Fish that has been cooked to perfection is served with delectable sauces. You will need to wait over 45 minutes before receiving the grilled fish, which will be given to you wonderfully hot and spicy.

7. Khan Baba Fish


Since 1964, Khan Baba Fish has been providing the best and hottest fish to Lahoris. It can be found at the Gulberg Main Market, which is in the center of Lahore. They offer Indian meals as well as Pakistani dishes. Their meal is of excellent quality and is particularly well-liked by fish enthusiasts.