7 Must-See Pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Expo 2020 started on October 1 and since then people are enjoying the coolest pavilions representing different countries. For people who will be visiting soon and want to get an idea of the best pavilions they can visit on their first visit, we have gathered the 7 best pavilions after getting reviews from the people who have already visited and explored each pavilion.

Belgian Pavilion

The Belgium pavilion is located in the mobility district and it mirrors how the country is famous for being a powerhouse of European mobility.  This pavilion is constructed in the form of a green arch which represents the equal emphasis by the country on technology and art. The exterior and interior are truly stunning and pays attention to the absolute principles of sustainability. The pavilions also exhibit kiosks that offer Belgium food and a brasserie. To enjoy the city landscape and relax there is a rooftop and a lounge.

Sustainability Pavilion

Located in the Sustainability District, this pavilion was designed by Grimshaw Architects, and by the design you can tell how amazingly inspired it is by the complex natural processes such as photosynthesis. The visitors, architect, and the environment are overall a brilliant experience. The analogy of photosynthesis capturing energy from the sunlight, water, and air resulted in this pavilion being net-zero energy.

Chinese Pavilion

Arranging the largest pavilion at Expo 2020, this stunning pavilion is in the shape of a lantern which traditionally represents them. Interestingly it is also made from eco-friendly materials with modernized techniques. The pavilion has showcased the ancient innovations shown under a modern light, at night is when you see the actual beauty of this pavilion.

Opportunity Pavilion

This pavilion in the Opportunity District has been created to develop a cross-cultural and social experience for different visions and perspectives from all around the world. Featuring a canopy that floats 32 meters above ground, this structure has a universal architectural identity. This pavilion consists of six layers of textile fabric on metal which interacts with colors, shadows, and lights throughout the day.

Australian Pavilion

With an incredible music stage at the entrance, Australia has truly put the talent at the top with amazing musicians, performers, and dancers you will find throughout. This pavilion was designed by bureau^proberts and is shaped like a cloud that represents the diverse landscape of Australia. With modern-day discoveries and technological advancements, visitors get to see so much like water-saving technologies and various discussions around global challenges.

Mobility Pavilion

Designed by Foster + Partners, this pavilion is located in the mobility district which demonstrates undulating tracks, dynamic spaces, etc all innovations related to mobility. You can find a high-speed track that runs underground on the exterior of this pavilion, showcasing personal mobility on a wide view for the public.

United Arab Emirates Pavilion

This is the most important pavilion you need to visit. This pavilion showcases  Emirati achievements and culture. It was designed by the well-known architect Santiago Calatrava. The structure is inspired by the national bird of the UAE.  You can enjoy and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the country. You can even find out about the future aspirations of the country to create a peaceful, futuristic, and progressive society.