Pakistan Pavilion in Expo 2020

Pakistan Pavilion Expo 2020

As multiple cultures come together at Expo 2020, this greatest show was kicked off on October 1st. Along with the other pavilions, Pakistan’s pavilion has taken the event by storm and has been receiving a lot of attention.



According to the Adviser to the Prime Minister, when talking to Khaleej times he appreciated the design and the culture showcased on the inside and the outside of the pavilion.



When talking about design from the outside, it was designed by Rashid Rana who used 25,000 different pieces and colors which change from time to time. According to him the ray of colors depict the country very accurately.



As you enter the pavilion, the Mughal inspired entrance is stunning with the craftsmanship from Peshawar on the door welcoming. There are presentations on the screen showing the beautiful landscapes and sights of Pakistan, some of which are still untapped, making the people fall in love. You will also find clayware from the Indus Valley civilization from Harappa Punjab.



As you walk through, you will also find different timelines of the history of Pakistan especially for the history enthusiasts who want to know how Pakistan came into form. You’re also going to come across the famous boat from the Mohana community of Sukkur Sindh. There is also a representation of salt mines with pieces of the rocks displayed to have a closer view. 



The Pakistan pavilion is an excellent example of showing diversity as it also shows the different shrines of different religions. People get to see the hidden treasures of Pakistan upon their visit.  



An excellent team of filmmakers, artists, and craftsmen were engaged to get this together. The efforts by Pakistan to fight climate change through the Billion Tree Project have also been shown by Abrar Qazi who is a digital technologist and the person behind the idea of the Sheesh Mahal walkway.



Last but not the least, food at the end of your visit serves as a cherry on top. The traditional and delicious dishes of Pakistan are what you will greatly miss out on if you don’t pay a visit to this pavilion. Some of the items that you will find are a samosa Plate, a refreshing glass of lassi, and the amazing aloo chana chaat.