Expo 2020, all set to welcome the world

Expo 2020, a world expo hosted by Dubai was supposed to take place on 20th October 2020 but got postponed due to covid and will now take place from 1st October to 31 March 2022. Even though it got delayed the organizers still kept the name Expo 2020. Visitors will be coming from all around the world to Dubai to witness this great show and everyone shall leave this event being educated about so much they weren’t aware of before.

So what really is Expo 2020?

This is going to be a great global gathering of the history where 192 countries will be brought together representing themes like ‘Sustainability’, ‘Opportunity’, and ‘Mobility’ as Dubai has been investing in all of this, investing the world’s largest solar power project which is so innovating and definitely something to learn about. Every participating country in this event will have its pavilion, enlightening the audience about its culture. Musical events will take place in between and sorts of events to keep the visitors engaged. Expo not only brings the world together but takes inspiring collective action towards the pressing issues we face in this era, exchanging all sorts of ideas and innovations to create a better world and future.



As you’re already aware of the themes, under the sustainability district you can have a look around beneath water and solar condensing trees alongside the irrigation channel, watch cultural performances and explore coral reefs that fishes consider home. This shows a global movement to help communities preserve and protect the world.



The mobility district lets you ride in automatic vehicles to get an idea of the future digital world, this district also lets you learn developments in space exploration.



Whereas the opportunity district lets you meet people worldwide and exchange ideas with them. You will participate in activities and meet social innovators who have an impact on this world. The goal is to create awareness about challenges and act as the world’s largest gathering for all the nations at one spot.



Al Wasl Plaza here is a new wonder added to Dubai’s landmarks with an eye-catching giant metallic dome. It has a 360-degree projection screen. You will also be excited to see the technological displays and have a look through the groundbreaking discoveries in the field of science and art. 



Food lovers will never get bored as there will be samples and relish flavors from 192 countries. With more than 20 chefs tantalizing the visitor’s taste buds with their amazing skills.

How to participate?

The main site of the Expo is between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can fly with Emirates for a great travel experience as they will give a complimentary pass to Expo 2020 as well to know more about the Emirates airline click here. Or book your tickets separately and get more info on this show by clicking on this link.