Expo 2020 Commences With an Extravagant Opening Ceremony

Expo 2020, the world’s first fair, kicked off on Thursday with an extravagant show of music, fireworks, and a note about a more sustainable future with the help of global collaboration. The flashy ceremony impressed the world despite the pandemic.



The centerpiece of the Expo site, Al Wasl Plaza, was lit with the help of projections as Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed commenced the $7 billion event. The ceremony was also headlined by celebrities including the British singer Ellie Goulding, Italian tenor singer Andrea Bocelli, Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu, and Chinese pianist Lang Lang.



Expo is set to become the melting point of diverse cultures and ideas, it will be a one-of-a-kind event expecting 25 million visitors from around the globe. IT is centered around the idea of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. Where 192 countries will test and brainstorm ideas to provide solutions to the global challenges and raise awareness about them.



Many companies and countries are looking forward to the expo to boost investment and trade as Dubai will be attracting tourist and business visits. Expo 202 Dubai Director-General told  Reuters “  We are confident that we will keep public safety first and foremost and also bring forward an exciting program at the same time by being responsible in how we manage the situation with Covid”. 



Discount on the expo 2020 ticket sales are already being offered and the government employees have been given off for six days to attend the event. 



Themes of planet future and sustainability were showcased at Al Wasl Plaza, this show was just the start and the people can’t wait for what more this event has to offer as it proceeds.