7 Tips to Make Your Solo Trip to Europe Special

Traveling alone is an experience full of adventures and fun but it is also an experience where you learn a lot. You learn to take risks, you gain confidence and most of all you understand yourself better. Here is a guide to traveling alone so you don’t make any mistakes and are prepared beforehand.

Some learning before you arrive

You have got to research the place you’re going to before traveling.  Check the costs for every little thing from food to accommodation. Before you pay for anything, for example, a taxi ride, ask the driver about the fare beforehand and if you think it’s pretty much different than what you know then look for another one. And for that, it’s important to learn how to say ‘NO’

Stay in touch

Before you leave for anywhere, you have to find out about the roaming capabilities of your phone and roaming prices. If you’re not okay with the current phone then rent out one when you arrive or maybe just get an international sim. Smartphones with GPS are preferred.

Eat and live like the locals

You have to truly live the culture and get a taste of your destination so why not experience it like a local? Street food is a great way to try out the local specialties of your destination, they will be delicious as well as pocket-friendly and you will not have to dine in alone at some restaurant where it gets lonely. A great tip would be to learn about the local food and best places for these foods of your destination.

Save, Save, & Save

Before planning, always save up and make sure the costs of your trip will be easily paid for. It all depends on the destinations, some are pocket-friendly while some are very expensive. You can find our guide on pocket-friendly destinations in Europe by clicking here. By saving up for your trip it will always be easier to save up for another one as soon as you return. It’s also important to know your budget and spend it all staying in it.

Stay confident

When walking on the streets at night make sure you’re confident knowing exactly where you’re going. Appearing lost and confused can make you look vulnerable. It’s also always better to stick to public places late at night.

Keeping your valuables safe

You don’t want to lose your credit cards, money, and passport while sightseeing so it’s better to pack everything smartly. Keep credit cards and money in your wallet while some extra money is in your pocket. When you’re sightseeing only carry a copy of your passport’s data page. Keep other valuables and your passport locked back at the hotel.

Memories to cherish forever

While staying healthy and safe make sure you’re a little more adventurous to make some memories that you’ll cherish forever. Make me-time memories and do things you don’t normally do. Take some of the roads or tracks that are less-traveled. Ask around or ask your accommodation owner about the hidden gems that your destination has to offer. Try to explore the city on foot to experience what the city has to offer even better.