5 Pocket-Friendly Countries to Travel in Europe

Looking for an affordable escape to Europe? Europe offers plenty of beautiful destinations with great architecture, landscape, or historic sites. Don’t worry if you have to think outside the box because our list will help you choose the best cheap places that are equally magical.


Bulgaria is known to be a paradise for budget travelers because you’re bound to save up money while traveling through this beautiful country.  Bulgaria remains undiscovered by the tourists, here the accommodations, flights, and entertainment just cost you a fraction of what you would pay in western Europe. 



Places to visit in Bulgaria:

  • Sofia, that is the capital of Bulgaria. You will find the most popular attractions like Alexander Nevsky Cathedral with its Orthodox domes and get the flavor of Soviet history from every corner of this city. Sofia is home to about 250 archaeological sites. 
  • Plovdiv with spectacular architecture and mind-blowing history. Discover the Asen’s fortress and churches or homes from the 19th century.


Thousands of travelers rush to Budapest every year which is the capital of Hungary. It is also considered as one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in Europe where you can leave with memories as well as some money still saved in your pocket. If you want to experience the thriving Central European culture and the beautiful nightlife, you must visit Hungary. 



Places to visit in Hungary

  • Budapest is home to tons of attractions like the Castle Hill area and the chain bridge across the Danube. 
  • And Lake Balaton, where you can relax on the banks or go for a paddleboat tour, there is also a tiny village near this lake called Tihany where the first records of the Hungarian language are found.


With its stunning buildings, park, and landscapes, Poland is located in central Europe. It is known to be one of the cheapest countries in Europe due to its budget-friendly cities. By purchasing a weekend’s ticket on the trains of Poland you will have unlimited rides throughout the country.



Places to visit in Poland:

  • Krakow is a beautiful city in Poland with cultural heritage, rich architecture, and history. It is also mentioned in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Warsaw is the largest city in Poland. The Royal Route and the Royal Castle are must-see destinations if you’re a history enthusiast.

The Czech Republic

One of the most affordable options you can have with beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. This central European country must be on your bucket list if you’re a budget traveler. This country is known for its medieval castles and gothic cathedrals. No matter where you are in this country, you can always get your hands on cheap food and drinks. It’s a famous statement among the Czechs that beer here is cheaper than water!



Places to visit in the Czech Republic:

  • The magnificent capital city, Prague. With a vibrant nightlife and gothic architecture, this city feels just like it’s out of a fairy tale. Another major attraction in this city is the historic Charles Bridge 
  • Prague Christmas market, if you are visiting in winter.
  • Bohemian Paradise, the country’s first nature area that is preserved stretching to more than 180 square kilometers. Hiking is the most famous adventure and way to explore the beautiful countryside.


You will find plenty of cheap hotels and restaurants here, what makes it more attractive is that it is still untouched by tourists making it really special. Some of the hostel rooms just start from a few bucks a day if you’re looking for accommodation. Local cheap specialties here are mamaliga (polenta with sour cream) and cozonac (sweet bread).



Places to visit in Romania:

  • Have a relaxing as well as a breathtaking moment at Europe’s second-largest mountain range called the Carpathian Mountains.
  • Bran’s castle also called  Dracula’s castle is a must-visit for all the travelers visiting Romania. 
  • Enjoy the ride in Transalpina which offers you magical views on the high-altitude mountain road or book a full-day trip to Transylvania.