2 Weeks Trip To Europe

Planning a trip to Europe and need an idea how your 2-week trip would look like? You’ve come to the right place. Even though 2 weeks is less when you want to travel around Europe considering all the beautiful and adventurous places, we will make sure you make the most out of your trip. This article will focus more on West-Central Europe. 



The best way to travel for these two weeks, we recommend, will be by train. As you can easily access them from the cities, connecting to major parts of other cities. You get to spot the amazing landscapes and appreciate the beauty. You can go for a car too but the parking will cause you trouble when traveling to some major cities. You can rent out a car in different cities. Another mode could be by plane, which is slower and requires you to travel a significant distance to reach the airport.

Day 1-3 in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the richest country in the world with beautiful landscapes. The old quarter of this country has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

During these three days, you can stroll through the old town, have a look at the old fortresses, beautiful castles, and admire the views from Chemin De La Corniche. Explore the Palace of the Grand Duke and visit the underground tunnel under the Book Castle.



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 You can take a train from Luxembourg to Strasbourg on day 3, the duration of your trip will be 4 hours.

Day 4-6 in Strasbourg (France)

Discover the most beautiful bridges here in Strasbourg and enjoy a boat ride while you admire the views of the city. You can also walk through Petite France and have a look at the typical houses and neighborhoods. Cathedrals are another beautiful spot to visit. Learning about the secrets of Alsace’s great wine and wine tasting is another famous activity in Strasbourg.



The Currency used here is Euro.

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On day 7 you can take a train from Strasbourg to Munich Passing, the duration of this trip will be 3h30 to 5 hours, (1connection).

Days 8-10 in Munich (Germany)

This city is a major convention center and tourist attraction. The irresistible combinations of clean subways and green beautiful gardens are something to not miss out on. You can enjoy the historic and modern feels of Munich at Marienplatz. Visit some of the highlights like Nymphenburg Palace famous for the royal vibe, Cathedral Frauenkirche famous for its beautiful culture, or the English garden where people surf on the small river and have a relaxing walk.



The Currency used here is Euro.

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You can now take a train on day 11 morning from Munich to Salzburg. The duration of your trip will be just 2 hours.

Day 11-14 in Salzburg (Austria)

There are plenty of hiking trails for the outdoor enthusiasts here.

You can also take a river cruise to get amazed by the architectural masterpieces, enjoy at the toy museum, stroll or explore the narrow streets of the old town, and have a visit at the fortress.



The Currency used here is Euro

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