Instagram-Worthy Places in Europe

In the age where you can make and share memories with just one touch, snapping your every move and making people online fall in love with places is the new norm. European sites are filled with Instagram-worthy spots and here we will make it easy for you by listing down the top-most Instagram-worthy places in Europe.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

With the cliffside beach bars, winding streets, and UNESCO world heritage site of the Old Town is a popular Instagram spot. People recognize this place by calling it “Heaven on Earth”, “Pearl of the Adriatic”, or “The City Of Red Rooftops”. Dubrovnik is the land of perfection with white limestone streets, brilliant blue seas, and elegant churches. This is the ideal place for Game of Thrones fans, beach, and history lovers. 

The camera that would fit perfectly for this place is the amazing Canon EOS M100’s dual pixel CMOS sensor if you’re looking to capture outstanding pictures during your trip.

Paris, France

Around this universal city of love, you will find something elegant or unmissable in every corner, with a gallery of exquisite arts, amazing bars, and ancient churches. This is a perfect city to capture the most with canals, a beautiful collection of museums, and narrow streets, and pose around every corner to have the most aesthetic pictures. This is also a perfect place with jazz culture as it is part of Parisian culture. Book your trip now and have the most cultural shots here. 

The ideal camera you could use is the EOS M100 by Canon with 25600 ISO truly capturing the atmosphere of Paris.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you’re looking for beautiful flowers with perfectly lined up canals, windmills, bicycles, tulips, and colorful buildings then this is the place for you. This stunning dutch capital screams Instagram-worthy. The thriving culture here lets you capture the most stunning images.

The ideal camera you could carry here would be the Canon EOS M100, to capture images from your boat trip, with 6..1 fps you can also carry the rapid action movements.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Consisting of the most unique places in the world, the landscape varies from hot springs, volcanoes, geysers to lava fields. This city is a mixture of magical midnight suns, and Northern lights with an environment bursting with friendliness, warmth, and creative energy. You can also find cozy cafes with good shops and restaurants having delicious food.

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