Avoid these Mistakes When Visiting Dubai

Dubai is a magnificent metropolis perched atop the sandy Arabian Desert on the Persian Gulf and is a tourist haven. Due to its tall skyscrapers, vintage appeal, lovely marketplaces, and high weather, it is sometimes referred to as the City of Superlatives. The tallest hotel, largest ‘performing’ fountain in the world, tallest tower in the world, largest man-made archipelago of islands, etc. are also located there, drawing tourists from all over the world all year long. To avoid getting into trouble while on vacation, keep in mind these things not to do in Dubai if that is where you will be spending your next vacation.

1. Avoid greeting anyone with your left hand.


When in , you should exercise caution when using your hands. In Dubai, you are forbidden to ever use your left hand for eating, greeting people, opening doors, or giving someone something, particularly food. Why do you inquire? The explanation is that before toilet paper, toilets, and other flushing water were invented, the left hand was utilized to clean up in nations like Dubai, India, and . Consequently, it is still seen as filthy today, regardless of how clean your left hand is. Therefore, if you are left-handed, you should endeavor to act as ambidextrous as you can in public to avoid offending people and drawing their attention to yourself.

2. Abstain from PDA

Abstain from PDA

PDA is one of several activities that are prohibited in Dubai. Holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public are frowned upon in Dubai, and doing so could result in jail time if you are discovered. The effects have already been felt by numerous foreigners. Avoid jumping on the bandwagon. One of the most significant things to avoid doing in Dubai is this. Additionally, you should refrain from dancing and playing loud music in public. The locals don’t like it too much. 

3. Don't wear inappropriate clothing

inappropriate clothing

In Dubai, it is customary for women to wear modest attire in places like malls, markets, beaches, theatres, and mosques. Therefore, even though Dubai is the center of fashion, you are not permitted to dress in short, tight, or skimpy apparel that exposes a lot of skin in public areas. In addition, keeping cool and comfortable in Dubai’s hot, dry atmosphere can be achieved by dressing modestly in loose-fitting clothing. In order towing unwanted attention, avoid being penalized for indecent apparel in public places, and ensure that you are comfortable throughout your journeys around the city, pack a sufficient amount of loose, modest clothing that covers your arms, legs, and chest.

4. Avoid cursing in public


When visiting Dubai, you must use the language with considerable caution, especially when you are in public or conversing with a local. During your stay in Dubai, try to refrain from using obscene language and keep all of your slang, swear words, and profanity to yourself. Additionally, avoid saying anything that could be taken as disrespectful of Islam or Muslims. In Dubai, it is seen as a crime that can get you in trouble and put you in jail. And you most certainly wouldn’t want to spend your vacation behind bars!

5. Do Not Take Pictures Without Approval

Taking Picture

One of the many things you absolutely must not do in Dubai is taking unis taking photos of people. Due to its picturesque surroundings, Dubai may encourage you to take pictures as you travel the city. However, you must exercise extra caution when taking photos in Dubai because the locals place a high value on modesty and safety. It is also against the law to take images of people without their permission, especially women and children. Therefore, you can either focus on the scenery or memorize.

6. Don't bring every medication with you.


Prescription medications and illegal narcotics are among the things not to bring to Dubai because of the UAE’s exceptionally rigorous anti-drug legislation. No, not even your anxiety medications are permitted! Airports are constantly on high alert, and breaking the law might result in a four-year prison sentence. Not a pleasant situation when on vacation, so check the UAE’s official website to see which medications are allowed and which cannot be brought with you. And if you need to bring a prescription for a medication, don’t forget to have it with you.

7. Avoid using foul language when driving


Driving a sports car throughout Dubai will increase the thrill for you while you’re there. In Dubai, there are many locations where you may rent a sports car for the day, but you must exercise extreme caution. In your nation, it can be OK to make unpleasant hand signals while driving to alert the other driver and express your displeasure with anything, but this is not acceptable in Dubai. If you become irate while driving because of someone or something, you must maintain composure and refrain from swearing or making offensive gestures that could upset the other driver. You might get into a lot of problems and spoil your trip if you do it. It is among the most crucial things.

8. Never publicly disrespect the royal family


When traveling, you’re bound to form some opinions, and if you’re visiting Dubai for the first time, you could have some thoughts about the local customs, the royal family, the legal system, the political climate, the people, etc. Yes, it is normal, but you shouldn’t talk about them in public. The Royal family, politics, culture, laws, and religion cannot be openly mocked, or criticized in public in Dubai. Even if you weren’t, it is treated very seriously, and defaulters may face harsh consequences.

9. If you're not married, don't stay together in a hotel.


Be advised that staying together, even in a hotel, without getting married in Dubai is unlawful whether you are traveling east or the West. EvenWestt cohabiting can result in jail time, a fine, and deportation. So, if you’re one of those unmarried couples, make sure you’re staying in different hotels if you want to avoid having to travel back as soon as you check into your hotel in Dubai. Avoid doing this since it is undoubtedly at the top of the list of things to avoid doing in Dubai.

10. Consume No Alcohol in Public

Alcohol in Public

Dubai is not an ideal location for you if you want to drink alcohol with your buddies in public or keep a can of beer in your hand while traveling to the next stop. Both drinking and being inebriated in public are against the law, and doing either will result in fines and/or jail time. To have the ideal vacation experience while visiting Dubai, be sure to stay away from this.