Best Spots In Dubai To Enjoy Desert Camping

The first images that come to mind when we think of Dubai are the skyscrapers reaching the skies, the fastest cars, the biggest malls, the long coastline, every detail high fashion and fast-paced, but we are also reminded of the one constant throughout Dubai’s history, the peaceful desert stretching into the never-ending horizon. 


The Arabian tradition has made extensive use of the desert. The Dubai Desert has also cleared the way for a variety of desert activities and camping choices, allowing visitors to experience the desert in its full splendor one activity at a time. In Dubai, desert camping is considered to be one of the most well-known desert pastimes. 

Best Time To Camp In The Desert In Dubai


Dubai is one of the hottest and muggiest places on earth. The scorching summer months in Dubai are also regarded as the low season for tourism there. The winter months of November and December are the ideal time to travel to Dubai. Additionally, now is the ideal time to go camping in the desert. Additionally, you have the option of going in the first half of March. After then, the weather degrades to an undesirable level for outdoor recreation. 

What to Bring in Dubai When You Go Desert Camping

Camping in the desert is an activity that requires planning ahead and not just winging it. The necessities—food, flashlights, water, battery chargers, blankets, medications, first-aid supplies, tents, warm clothing, an extra set of clothes, trekking equipment, and trekking boots—must be brought with you at all times. 


It’s crucial to evaluate your physical and medical status and take any necessary medication. Before participating in any camping activities, it is best to speak with a doctor if you have any health issues.

The Top Desert Camping Spots in Dubai

Al Dhafra Beach

Al Dhafra Beach

One of the well-known desert beaches outside of Abu Dhabi is Al Dhafra Beach. It is one of the most lovely and tranquil beaches, especially for camping in the desert. Additionally, you can see some turtles and experience the marine life in the area of the beach. 


While you are camping at the beach, you are also welcome to participate in water sports like diving, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. Another very well-liked sport here is fishing. For families, this is among the nicest places to camp in the desert.

Al Qudra Lakes


For both locals and tourists, Al Qudra is regarded as one of the most well-liked desert camping locations in Dubai. The distance between this location and the Mall of Emirates and Dubai’s city center is about 30 to 40 minutes by car. The huge desert side and the tranquil pool of water are the two sides of this oasis-like desert location.  Families and couples can enjoy desert camping in this location. If you enjoy the outdoors and animals, you may also see some wild camels, flamingos, etc. 

Umm Al Quwain Beach

Umm Al Quwain Beach

One of the sites where you can stay pretty much any place on the beach and close to the sea is Umm Al Quwain Beach. You are also welcome to bring your fishing equipment, catch some fish, and prepare it at the campsite. Also, bring your binoculars in case you want to see some rare desert wildlife. Don’t set camp close to a river because it might flood your campsite.


Maryam Island in Fujairah

On the United Arab Emirates, the eastern coast is the Fujairah area. One of the most remote locations, it offers stunning views of the mountains and beaches. At one of the campgrounds in Fujairah, you have the option of camping privately. Additionally, you can enjoy some snorkeling and discover underwater marine life. It would be strange to camp in the desert like this. 

Hajar Mountains

Hajar Mountains

Between Oman and the United Arab Emirates are the Hajar mountains. One of the most popular places for desert camping, mountain climbing, and hiking is this series of desert mountains. Experienced mountain climbers frequently favor exploring this location. The UAE’s animals can also be seen in abundance here. 

Jebel Al Jais

Jebel Al Jais

The United Arab Emirates’ tallest mountains are said to be the Jebel Al Jais range. This mountain range, which is often referred to as “The Grand Canyon of Oman,” is situated in the Ras Al Khaimah region of the United Arab Emirates. Beginners and intermediate climbers can more easily navigate the hiking and trekking trails in this area.  One of the best sites in the UAE to camp in the desert and view the night sky full of stars. 

Fossil Rock, Sharjah


One of the nicest places to camp in the desert in Dubai is among the Fossil Rocks in Sharjah. The area is ideal for big parties and families because it is surrounded by dunes. Despite being remote and close to society, the place offers one of the best experiences. Additionally, this location is ideal for desert adventure sports like quad biking and dune buggy. 

White Sands Beach


One of the most stunning and isolated beaches in the UAE near the coast of Oman is White Sands Beach. On this beach, you can set up a tent and take in the ocean views from the cliff’s top. The beach is also well known for offering a variety of water sports, including snorkeling and paddle boarding. The UAE’s aquatic life can be explored in this wonderful location.

Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau, Musandam

Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau,

Since the Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau in Musandam are located near the border with Al Rams, you will need to obtain a ten-day tourist visa if you intend to camp there. One of the best sites for riding, trekking, and mountain climbing is here. Fishing and other water sports are also options.  Ensure that you are up to date on border and visa requirements.

Camp Bedouin

Camp Bedouin

A gathering of people that live in the desert and move through it is called the Bedouin Camp. With all of the essential amenities provided, it is one of the most opulent desert camping groups. The camp offers a wide range of activities, including belly dance performances, barbecue meals, and outdoor adventures. 

Wrapping Up

One of the most thrilling ways to experience Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is through desert camping. You can experience Dubai’s marine life, wildness, and adventurous activities while camping in the desert. So, What are you waiting for?