person wearing blue jacket and holding a camera is standing a mountain in Pakistan

Experience Pakistan Now, Travel Later.

“Common factors between American Southerners and Pakistanis: we value our faith, family and food. We are known for our hospitality and we love our tea!” says Cynthia Richie from the US who found many similarities between her home country and Pakistan.


Planning to take a trip to Pakistan? Well here’s your chance to experience what your trip is going to be like and what would be so special about it whilst sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Beautiful Landscapes

mountains and land

Being the sixth most populous country in the world,  Condé Nast Traveller’s list of 20 best holiday destinations for 2020 ranked Pakistan No.1 due to its most wild and beautiful places. It is home to five of the world’s highest mountain peaks, famous ones include The Himalayas, Hindukush, and Karakoram, the highest one being K2 which is the second- highest in the world. The only fertile desert in the world is called The Tharparkar desert and the largest earth-filled dam is called the tarbela dam, both located in Pakistan. So yes the landscapes in Pakistan are  amazing and diverse, much more waiting to be conquered.

Cultural Awesomeness

two persons riding a horse holding polo sticks

Pakistan’s culture is very unique and dates back to more than 5000 years ago. Having four provinces, the cultural diversity is truly fascinating.


Punjab province being the historical, cosmopolitan, and agricultural center of Pakistan, Punjab is known to be a home for a lot of different religions and civilizations thus making it diverse.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa majority of the residents there being Pashtuns, they are known for their language and their cultural dress. KPK is also known for the famous khyber pass and it comprises some magnificent valleys.


Sindh, having the largest city Karachi, is known for its seaports and shares its borders with the Arabian Sea. Having the most beautiful beaches in Pakistan is what makes Karachi so exotic.


Balochistan is the largest province in the country enriched with resources, mountain ranges, and mines. The very famous Gwadar port is located there too.

Pakistani Cuisine

chicken and gravy dished out in a plate with boiled rice.

No matter how many dishes you try every day of your trip, there will still be tons of dishes left for you to try by the end of it which is why CityWalk has a complete section of food guide on our homepage to help you pick out the best ones. It is a tradition in Pakistan to eat with hands instead of spoons. Pakistani food is made using all sorts of herbs and spices slowly cooked for hours to enhance the delicious taste. The main components of the meal in Pakistan are beef or chicken and Ghee. The only great thing isn’t just the spices but Pakistan is also known for its sweets called mithai. So be prepared to taste the most flavourful food items of your life.



There’s no other country with this much adventure potential truly from exotic deserts to beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges, there’s not a single thing that it lacks for an ideal trip. This trip will also be your chance to connect with the local people and support local shops where you’ll be truly blown away by the amazing handicraft decoration pieces and other items.