Iconic Street Food of Karachi

Karachi is a paradise point for street food, the flavorful and diverse food is a must try and here we are about to list the most delicious food items for you to try.


This is a condensed sweet pudding famous in Karachi. The most amazing thing about this is that it’s smooth but not completely as you can feel some strings while you eat. This dish is made by cooking milk on low heat until it is dense. Dry fruits are added on top before serving and it has layers of cream or malai on it. Visit the burns road to try this one out.

Halwa Puri

Karachiites favorite breakfast dish to try on the weekends is Halwa puri. This dish is a combination of curry made from peas eaten with deep fried bread. Halwa, sweet pudding, is served with it too which is a top combo when served with dry fruits. Can be found in any local restaurant.


Nihari is a food staple, you have really missed out if you haven’t had this dish which is a rich meat stew, its craving could hit you any time of day. Nihari is cooked carefully and is normally a mixture of traditional spices that make you go yum. Javed nihari is where you might want to get this from.

Fried Fish

Even though this can be found anywhere in the world, fried fish is the favorite street sea-food in Karachi. Ghaffar Karachi is where you can find the delicious fried fish. The fish here is marinated in some very exceptional spices that make up the taste after it’s fried and this dish is served with special sauce called chutney.