K2 Airways all set to take off in Pakistan soon

The CEO of K2 Airways made a statement on 11th of October 2021, that the airlines will be launching in Pakistan at the earliest,  at the meeting in Islamabad with the Secretary Board of Investment (BOI) It is expected to continue passenger flights later this year from Jinnah International Airport.



The services are said to be started towards the northern areas. This airliner will provide the services to boost and promote tourism as the aim is to have flights to Skardu and other hilly areas in Pakistan. The airline is also intended to fly to some of the international destinations too. The launch was expected in May 2019 but due to the covid outbreak, it was delayed.



The CEO, Tariq Raja, also mentioned about all the progress that the airline has made to get launched soon to which the Secretary, Fareena Mazhar, assured him to give all the possible support required while mentioning the incentives that are being given to promote the tourism sector in Pakistan.



K2 Airways is dedicated to providing unique services with aviation of great comfort, safety, and quality as these are the essentials of all airlines. K2 Airways is expected to have standards that will make it the most successful airline of Pakistan in the coming future.