attabad lake in gilgit, Pakistan

Pearl Continental Hotel to open by the Gorgeous Attabad Lake

Surrounded by magical mountainous ranges of the Karakoram, which attracts many travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Pearl Continental is the largest chain of five-star hotels in Pakistan, is now opening by Attabad Lake which will complement the beauty of this Lake.


During the opening ceremony the Chief Operating Officer, Haseeb A. Gardezi said “We are pleased to bring our five-star hotel here in the greatest wonders of Pakistan that is Attabad to welcome guests for an extraordinary experience”. This hotel will overlook the gorgeous lake with the mountainous scenery. The Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan also mentioned that having the Prime Minister’s vision of paying off the debt using tourism, investors are encouraged to come and we will facilitate them.



Visitors can choose from a total of 112 rooms and 4 suites with private dining facilities. The hotel will also have a spa and swimming pool for wellness purposes. Close to the lake, you can even utilize the different adventurous options like jet skiing, fishing, or hiking in the mountainous regions nearby.



This will be a fresh getaway for tourists like business professionals, families, and adventurers. This hotel is predicted to accommodate millions of visitors annually.