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Seven Days Trip To Gilgit

If you’re visiting Gilgit for seven days only then good news you will have a lot to see within these days. It may seem less considering all the magnificent things and sights this place has to offer but don’t worry we got you, we’ll tell you what your seven days will look like so you haven’t missed out on the important things.

Day One- Your first day in Gilgit

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It’s okay if you’re a bit anxious to go out and explore the places but this is the day where you start orienting yourself for the stay. To have a calming and stress-free first day, you can go to the nearest restaurants and try out the traditional cuisines of Gilgit-Baltistan. Try Cafe De Hunza, Glacier Breeze Restaurant, and Hidden Paradise Hunza. Go for local sightseeing like the Budhya Danor rock craving.

Day two- Wake up energetic

mountain pass in Gilgit, Pakistan

For your second day, you can have breakfast early in the morning and depart to Skardu for a night stay. In Skardu, you can go hitchhiking to the Safaranga Desert which is the world’s highest desert making it a very famous and unique cold desert too. You can also go for the organic valley trekking, and window shopping at Skardu markets to know their culture.

Day Three- Get excited about some more Skardu adventure

mountain pass in Gilgit, Pakistan

The third day will be as beautiful as it can ever be, you will start your morning with some amazing breathtaking views. You might want to visit the famous Kachura lake which is 2,500 meters in elevation. It is known to be a heaven on Earth which will give you an unforgettable experience for sure. Sightseeing won’t be enough to get ready for a wonderful boating experience in the lake too. You can even visit the Kharphocho fort for a short hiking session if you’re already tired. This place holds a strong historical significance, many military campaigns were carried out here and it was razed to the ground in 1857 and Aurangzeb tried to occupy it.

Day Four- Departure to Deosai Plain

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Get ready for another mesmerizing trip full of attractive views, great for people who love photography. Deosai Plain is at an average elevation of 4,114 meters, considered to be the second-highest plateaus in the world with one of the most freshwater lakes filled with a rich variety of species. Visit Satpara Lake to have a  look at such lakes.

Day Five- Departure for Tour

Fort in Gilgit, Pakistan

For the fourth day you can visit the Khaplu Fort, which was built in 1840, this was chosen by rolling a large stone by a cliff nearby. Have your night stay at  Katpana lake for a dreamy night view.

Day Six- Some more sights

lake in Gilgit, Pakistan

On your sixth day, you will depart to Naran for even more adventures. During this trip you will want to visit the famous Saif-ul-Muluk Lake and enjoy the boat ride along. This place is what sums up the natural beauty of Pakistan making it perfect for your last days. If you’re looking to hike you can hike from Besal towards Dudipatsar after visiting the Lulusar lake.

Day Seven - Saddest Farewell

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You might want to relax and pack your bags for your last day before you have a hectic trip back. Hopefully, you’ll be leaving with some amazing experiences which will make you return in the future.