The Top 5 Hostels In Turkey That Are Ideal For Your Next Budget Trip

Turkey is a popular destination that virtually everyone wants to visit, but not everyone can afford to do so without breaking the bank because it is an expensive country to visit. But even if the budget is restricted, it is possible to visit Turkey. Interested in how? You can choose budget-friendly solutions, so much lower the cost of lodging. In Turkey, hostels are an alternative to hotels. Here is a list of some of the greatest and most reasonably priced hotels in the Turkish regions of Istanbul, Goreme, Izmir, Fethiye, Antalya, Selcuk, Bodrum, Olympos, Ankara, and Canakkale.

5 Best Hostels In Turkey

Planning an excursion to Turkey or simply desire to save some money on lodging? The perfect locations for you to stay are these five hostels, then. 

1. Big Apple Hostel

Big Apple Hostel

A fantastic hostel that comes highly recommended is situated in Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmet region. The Blue Mosque is around two streets away from this hostel, which is conveniently located in the city’s core. The hostel has a huge dorm room with incredibly comfortable beds and an attached locker. Curtains are fitted all around the bed to protect your privacy and prevent lighting from shining on your bed. This is a lively and friendly hostel that offers free walking tours, a well-known pub crawl in Istanbul, as well as assistance in locating restaurants, tea shops, and other off-the-beaten-path locations.

2. Hostel Terra Vista

Hostel Terra Vista

The ideal spot to stay on a tight budget is in the Goreme region of Turkey. This location offers rooms and dorms that are tidy, comfortable, and large at an unbeatable price. There are also double rooms available, and they come with a lovely breakfast and a beautiful view of the city via the patio. The staff at the hostel is quite welcoming and helpful, and they can also set up acceptable city trips for you that fit within your budget.

3. Guven Cave Hostel

Guven Cave Hostel

The Guven Cave Hotel, which is set in an exceptionally fantastic location, is highly competitive with this hostel. The quality of hospitality offered at the hostel is practically identical to that of the Guven Cave Hotel. The hostel offers buggy rides, self-drive motorcycles, and bike rentals and is conveniently adjacent to the city’s downtown. The setting allows you a breathtaking view of the hills and desolate valley. Along with fantastic restaurants, the area has clinics to take care of the necessities. The hostel’s rooms are quite cozy, spotless, and comfortable. Excellent quality lodging is available even on a very tight budget. One of the most incredible hostels in Goreme, Turkey, is this one.

4. Lotus Garden Hostel

Lotus Garden Hostel

In a prime position in Izmir, this hostel is a sizable, old structure that is close to many inexpensive stores and dining options. The space is huge and has a lovely, peaceful décor, especially the windows. There is a tiny garden as well, which offers you a wonderful impression of Mediterranean weather. It’s a pleasant, joyful place where you can socialize with new people every morning over breakfast.

5. In-House Hostel


This hostel offers excellent value for money and is conveniently located near the seafront, the subway, and a very busy street lined with stores and cafés. One of the greatest types of hostel rooms one can obtain with a limited budget is the hostel, which includes spacious rooms with attached bathrooms, big comfortable beds, towels, and a hairdryer facility. Additionally, there is the option of using the kitchen. There are two supermarkets close to the hostel in case you need to pick up some supplies and food. The staff at the hostel is quite kind, and you can learn a lot about seeing the city.

So why do you still wait? Plan your vacation to Turkey as soon as possible and check out these hostels to explore this incredibly diverse and lovely country on a budget.