Lady standing on a bridge in Pakistan

Why Foreigners Love Travelling to Pakistan

Did you know, tourism in Pakistan has increased by more than 300%, as compared to pre-Covid times. Where Covid travel restrictions around the world have made locals explore & travel within Pakistan. At the same time, the Government of Pakistan’s tourism-friendly approach has attracted many foreign travelers & travel bloggers to visit Pakistan as well with ease and minimized Covid related restrictions. Out of many famous travel bloggers, one was Lexie Alford, the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country



The soul of the people and the beauty of the landscape pulls huge numbers of tourists towards it. This country has a fair share of unbelievable landscapes. Pakistan, being home to five of the highest peaks in the world. Hospitality from the local people is what everyone talks about when they return to their home country. While giving an interview, Lexie Alford chose Pakistan as one of the top 5 destinations, saying “Pakistan was the most hospitable place and the people I visited. It has an incredible mountain landscape as well.” 



Another enticing puller is Pakistani local food, foreigners just can’t resist themselves from tasting and eventually forgetting their personal diet plans, just to enjoy the most local meals while being in Pakistan. Talking to Express Tribune, Canadian traveler Gordon Sumanski tells “the first aspect of Pakistani culture I fell in love with was the food. There is nothing in this world that can come close to the comfort provided by haleem, nihari and a warm, buttery piece of naan”. 🙂  



Here are some more exciting travel stories from foreigners who cherished their time in Pakistan.

Johanna, France


Knowing Pakistan for the first time from her Pakistani roommates when she was living in London. She marked it on her travel list, and literally made it to Pakistan. From her trying the ‘ Chai’ (local tea) for the very first time to visiting Wazir Khan Mosque, and exploring Lahore on a bike, she experienced every adventurous activity that one should have and even paid a visit to LUMS, one of the well-known universities in Pakistan which reminded her of her own university. She remembers her Pakistan visit with these words “I really wish everyone had a chance to visit Pakistan, I saw amazing hospitality, food, music, and the most welcoming people”.

Alex and Sebastiaan

everything covered in snow

These two explorers from the US and Netherlands visited Pakistan in 2016 for six weeks, they quit their desk job to travel the world. They documented beautiful stories and photographs on Instagram about the incredible hospitality offered by the local people over there and recommended everyone to visit Pakistan. “Forget your fears, go visit Pakistan. It’s far from the easiest country to travel in, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more hospitable country of people. Add to that rich cultural history and diversity, stunning nature, and you have a perfect destination for adventurous spirits. Just do it. You won’t regret it.” 

Cynthia Dawn Richie

Cynthia Dawn Richie enjoining Pakistani Food

An American woman living in Houston, Texas, traveled to Karachi. She traveled when most of the news outlets were summed up as a sign warning people to not go but she was encouraged by her friends to take a trip to Pakistan. “We often hear of Pakistan in myopic and prejudiced terms, living abroad,” she claims in the voiceover. “But my time in Pakistan has taught me the world can be wrong about many things.” Many articles written by her about Pakistan made it to the news about being the best travel destination.



If you’re thinking of visiting this amazing and overlooked country, what are you waiting for? It’s relatively easy and cheap to visit Pakistan.