Air Arabia and Pakistan’s Lakson Group to introduce a budget airline ‘Fly Jinnah’

Air Arabia, Middle East, and North Africa’s low-cost carrier operator,  along with the Lakson Group which is a leading business conglomerate in Pakistan, are introducing ‘Fly Jinnah’ which will be Pakistan’s new airline. This joint venture for this low-cost carrier will fly international and domestic routes.



This airline will be catering to 220 million people of Pakistan, serving the mission of promoting the tourism sector and boosting the country’s economy, and creating jobs for the people at the same time. The chairman of Air Arabia, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammad Al Thani, mentioned that this airline will be first based in Karachi carrying out domestic flights and then slowly shift towards  international flights.



Some aviation sources have said that the flight will commence early from next year. Air Operating Certificates will begin shortly too and all the details about the destination networks, launch date, and fleet will be announced in the upcoming days.



Chairman of the Lakson Group, Iqbal Ali Lakhani, said: “ We are excited to partner with Air Arabia and launch a budget airline, this will play a big role in contributing to the country’s economic growth.” According to a report by the International Air Transport Association, about 1% of Pakistan’s  GDP is supported by foreign tourists and air transport. As Air Arabia has a record of efficient and reliable operation this airline will hopefully be a success providing a huge contribution to the country.