Concerns about floods have prompted most of Yosemite National

The majority of Yosemite National Park will be off-limits to visitors beginning Friday night due to flooding concerns in the area, the park said on Tuesday. Yosemite’s closure is anticipated to endure through Wednesday, May 3, “but could last longer,” the National Park Service stated in the closure announcement.


Yosemite was forced to close last month and stayed closed for more than three weeks as a series of storms dumped enormous amounts of snow in the region. The renowned Tuolumne Meadows received more than 15 feet of snow in less than a month.


While the state’s record snowfall came as a relief after years of severe drought, that much snow in one season has also sparked worries about flooding ever since the snow started to melt, creating a kind of ticking time bomb.


Yosemite is likely to experience continued snowfall, which could last well into July, according to the park, which advised trekkers that the trails might be muddy and damp.


Hikers are advised to use maps and GPS to find their way about since snow-covered pathways may be challenging to follow. Reservations for lodging or campgrounds, which will be automatically canceled, will be immediately refunded.