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Bali to open its borders for most of the international visitors around the globe

Bali is all set to reopen its borders for tourists as Indonesia seems to get the cases in control. The first countries from which travelers are allowed are Japan, China, and New Zealand. Bali is also set to allow direct flights from South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. 



The travelers from these countries will have to go through quarantine upon their arrival for eight days. Travelers will be required to show proof of vaccination, negative PCR test, and their quarantine in the form of hotel booking before arrival. All of this will of course be done at their own expense.



The date is still yet to be confirmed for the return of tourists from other countries as the Indonesian Embassy has claimed to highly “discourage” travel within and to Indonesia. Corona cases are declining in Indonesia after suffering one of the worst surges of Covid. Though Bali is open to Americans who hold a business visa.



The Indonesian government kept reassuring the backpackers about the reopening of the borders and after the borders did open, 20,000 tourists rushed to book their hotels for November.



Bali Tourism Board Association has requested the government to open the borders for more countries like America, Switzerland, Israel, France, Russia, England, Netherlands, and Germany as they seem to have a greater influence on Bali’s tourism.

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