Karachi Beach

Best Beach Spots in Karachi, you need to visit now!

Between the coastlines and the shores, the best beaches in Karachi have no shortage of marine biodiversity, powdered fine sand, and scenes that are worth seeing with family and friends.

1. French Beach

Located halfway between Paradise Point and Hawkes Bay, it is one of the few beaches in Karachi that welcomes surfers due to the amazing environment and strong tides making it a perfect picnic spot as well as a perfect spot for surfers. To visit this beach or book a hut, you will need to seek permission from the people that own it which is easy because many people are visiting throughout.

2. Churna Island

It’s okay if you haven’t been to the Maldives yet because this island here in Karachi is nothing less than the Maldives, it’s rather cheaper.  It is around 1hr drive from the city located near Mubarak Goth. If you are an adventurer and looking for jet skiing or scuba diving this might be the perfect place for you.

3. Hawke’s Bay

This is the most popular beach in Karachi which means you will get to see a lot of visitors visiting this beach, which could make it crowded at times. The beach was named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, who had his house on the beach during the 1930s.

4. Clifton Beach

Normally called Sea view by the people in Karachi, is another popular beach in Karachi. Best place to escape the scorching heat of Karachi, thousands of people visit this beach. Camel and Horseback riding makes this a fun place to be at.

5. Sandspit

Close to  Hawke’s Bay beach, the sandpit is located in the southwest of Karachi. This beach is famous for being super calming, you can see the diversity of marine life here. It is called sands pit due to the turtles that dig up the pits here to lay eggs.