Chicken Biryani with Raita

Tempting Food Items in Karachi

As it’s said that every city is defined by its food and when you come to Pakistan every city has its exceptional food that people die for. Here we’re going to list all the tempting food that you can find on your visit to Karachi, recommended by Karachiites.

1. Al Asif Afghani boti

Perfect dinner item to have with your friends and family, it is a very special dish either taken with rice or ‘Naan’. It is not too heavy for your stomach, just right for you to feed your hunger. No visit is complete without you having a food pilgrimage to this place for the Afghan Boti.

2. Koyla Karahi

This dish is known to be finger-licking delicious in Karachi and this is exactly why it is served in many restaurants, served with the coal smokiness, it only tastes good when it’s eaten hot, as soon as it’s served. This is a dish that one must try upon their visit.

3. Chicken Malai Boti from Ghaffar

Light on your pocket as well as your stomach, this chicken malai boti will leave you amazed and make you want more as soon as you leave. Many dishes from this place are too delicious but this one is definitely the signature and recommended by many Karachiites and people who frequently visit Karachi to meet their family and friends.

4. Pepperoni Pizza by Xander’s

People in Karachi are big fans of pizza and when it comes to one of the best pizzas in the city Xander’s is where they normally go to try out their pepperoni pizza. The Quality is no doubt the best, unlike most restaurants, the fresh mozzarella cheese combined with pepperoni creates the perfect blend.

5. Fish Katakat

A mixture of fish tossed with other spices, this is a dish to try with chapati to get the enjoyment doubled. It is considered as the best street food by Karachiites.

6. Nalli Biryani

One of the most unique food items in Karachi, with the most amazing reviews from  Karachiites, this dish has made it to the top list of tempting foods in Karachi. Biryani of Karachi is considered the best one in the country and there are always debates about which city has the best biryani. You should try this one and maybe leave a review to help this debate settle somewhere, someday.