Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

Things to know before your Lahore visit

Lahore is a fascinating unique country surrounded by greenery and there’s a lot to wonder about when you’re planning a trip. Here’s what you should know about Lahore before paying a visit to Lahore.

1. City of Garden


On your visit to Lahore, you will get to see a lot of parks and gardens which you will never get enough of, the most important ones to remember are:

  • Hazuri Bagh
  • Shahdara Park
  • Bagh-e-Jinnah
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Model Town Park

3. Documents

image contains a passport, spectacles and hat

Always carry your documents with you especially your ID card and visa in case the traffic police stop you, no need to be scared if they do as they’re really kind.

4. Safety

surgical mask

Don’t forget to follow SOPs on your visit as there is still a major outbreak of Covid in Lahore. Do not exchange your money with individuals, only do it with special exchange offices and carry your money with you in case you need it anywhere.

5. Qawwali

person singing Qawwali on stage

Lahore being a center for Qawwali music since it’s a city rich with culture, you might want to attend different concerts or festivals to enjoy the Pakistani music, to get to know the culture even more, which is known to be very calming and poetic if you understand Urdu.

6. Transportation

Truck Art

 The main modes of transportation in Lahore are buses, rickshaws, metro trains, and taxis.  If you need private transportation you can hire a driver, rent a car or order an uber on daily bases



Stay safe and have a safe trip, also remember to find the option for the best SIM card if you don’t reside in Pakistan or have never been there.