Best Snowfall Viewpoints in Pakistan

Pakistan has been blessed with all 4 seasons, and there are many beautiful sites to visit there, particularly in the winter. Several regions of Pakistan experienced intense winter snow, creating mesmerizing landscapes of painted snow. People would frequently rush to these locations to enjoy the snowfall. We advise you to visit these top locations in Pakistan where snowfall occurs. Enjoy the snowfall with your loved ones and soak up the beauty of winter while feasting on specially prepared, seasonal cuisine.


Top locations in Pakistan to Witness Snowfall

This blog will discuss the best places to go in Pakistan during the winter. These locations provide adventurous outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding and bring you near nature.
During the winter, travel to any of these Pakistani mountainous regions for the best chance to witness snowfall:
Kalash Valley
Nathia Gali
Malam Jabba
Kaghan valley
Hunza valley

1. Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley in Pakistan

The Kalash valley, which spans three distant valleys named Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir, is encircled by stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks. The distance between Chitral and Kalash Valley is around 20 miles. The inhabitants of the area are known as Kalashas. They are most renowned for their warm hospitality and rich heritage, which is built primarily on celebrations with folk dance and song.

A jeep-accessible route connects each of these valleys. You begin to appreciate nature more as a result of the significant snowfall in this area of the country. In addition to enjoying the snowfall throughout the winter, you may also play their well-known local tradition of “snow golf.”

2. Murree

It is a region of a hilly area that is perfectly located in the Himalayan mountain range. It is one of the easiest to get to hill stations in Pakistan because it is only 70 kilometers away from Islamabad. Malika-e-Kohsar is another name for the gorgeous vacation destination which means the Queen of Hills.

Visitors from all over the country converge at Murree to witness the very first snowfall of the year. The Patriata Chairlift offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the snow-covered sceneries and mountain plateaus.

3. Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali Pakistan

Nathia Gali is a mountain resort community in the Hazara region of Pakistan that is renowned for its natural beauty, hiking trails, and cool climate. Also recognized as one of Pakistan’s Top Spots to Enjoy Snowfall. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the Murree Hills is situated there at an elevation of 8,200 feet. Located in the middle of Abbottabad and Murree, 34 km apart and an hour away, respectively.

In the summer, Nathiagali’s temperature stays cool, calm, and misty. Early autumn breezes begin to cool the climate. Winters are quite chilly and cold. Visit there in December and January if you want to escape the intense snowstorm.

4. Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba Pakistan

The beautiful Pakistani hill town of Malam Jabba is well situated in the Hindu Kush range of mountains. A few tiny villages and communities make up the majority of the valley. The resort included cutting-edge amenities like chair lifts, skiing stations, telecommunications, and ice skating rinks. Six scattered monasteries and two Buddhist stupas can also be found in the resort area.

Malam Jabba typically experiences snowfall from the month of November through the early part of March. To experience snowfall, the best times to explore the region are January and February.

5. Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley Pakistan

You could still travel to Kaghan Valley to enjoy snowfall, even if Naran is largely inaccessible for tourists due to severe snow and harsh weather conditions the entire season. The Mansehra District is 160 kilometers long and is covered in the valley’s magnificent beauty.

It is one of Pakistan’s most attractive towns, drawing tens of thousands of travelers, hikers, photographers, and environment lovers each year. It serves as the starting point for trips to scenic locations including Purbi Valley, Lake Saif-ul-Malook, and Lalazar Babusar.

6. Hunza valley

Hunza Pakistan

In Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan province, north and west of the Hunza River, at an elevation of roughly 8,200 feet, is a steep valley known as the Hunza. Hunza Valley’s atmosphere changes colors as winter progresses, enhancing its beauty even more. It’s a significant valley filled with tourist attractions. It is also regarded as the best place in Pakistan to witness snowfall.

Baltit is one of the most well-liked vacation spots due to the breathtaking scenery of the nearby mountains, including Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, and Bojahagur

7. Ziarat

Ziarat Pakistan

The most alluring tourist spot in Balochistan without hesitation is the valley of Ziarat. During the winter season, which typically begins in November and goes until March, it is blanketed in snow. Ziarat is one of the best sites in the nation to enjoy snowfall because of the deliciously lengthy snowy period.

Visitors to this gorgeous hill town in Balochistan can experience snowfall in addition to touring the historic sanctuaries and shrines to learn more about the region’s intriguing heritage. One of the most noticeable sights in the valley is Ziarat Residency, which towers over the surrounding area as a model of architectural genius. In his latter days, Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah utilized it as a resting place.


It was one of our picks for Pakistan’s prime snowfall locations. Recently, it has been noted that traveling throughout Pakistan has become simple, extremely safe, and comfortable thanks to all the recently constructed limited-access roads.