Snowy place in Pakistan

Top Destinations in Pakistan to Visit this Winter

You’ve undoubtedly already started thinking about your holiday plans now that winter break is approaching. While resting around the house or spending time with friends seems like a fantastic idea, you should also be aware that December and January are the best times to visit some of the country’s most attractive tourist destinations.

The wintertime has arrived. That makes it even more delightful because it implies that different areas of Pakistan are covered in snow. There are many stunning locations to explore in Pakistan during the winter, from the well-known Murree Hills to the gorgeous Kalam Valley.

1. Murree

Murree Pakistan

When thinking of winter vacations in Pakistan, this small hill station close to Islamabad is perhaps the first place that comes to your mind. This beautiful hill station, which is surrounded by huge mountain ranges and beautiful green pine forests, attracts tourists all year round. Murree is a great spot to enjoy with loved ones because of the great weather, lively culture, and beautiful scenery.

Murree transforms into a winter wonderland as the year comes to an end with a heavy layer of snow surrounding the huge imperial buildings and big oak tree branches in the region. The most popular areas of Murree Hills include Changla Gali, Dunga Gali, Bara Gali, Pindi Point, Patriata, and the famous Mall Road.

2. Neelum Valley

The Neelum Valley, known well after the Neelum River that flows through it, is located in Azad Kashmir towards the northeast of Muzaffarabad. Because of its scenic scenery, it is a well-liked destination for those who cherish it. It is a winter wonderland with high snow-capped hills, frozen lakes, and white-blanketed land. In December and January, there is heavy snowfall that covers the mountains in a blanket of white. It would be ideal if you only experienced it once. An amazing sight is a sun rising from behind the snow-covered mountains.

3. Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba Pakistan

The Switzerland of the East, Swat Valley is known for its trees, snow-covered peaks, and sparkling lake. You will be in awe of the stunning natural scenery at this Swat tourism hotspot. One of the best vacation locations in Pakistan during the winter is a beautiful town situated in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range.

Malam Jabba, the one and only ski resort in Pakistan, is a well-liked vacation spot where visitors go to take advantage of the wintertime. It has many tourist amenities, including chair lifts, ice skate parks, and skiing stations.

4. Kalam Valley

Kalam Valley Pakistan

One of the most amazing places to visit in Pakistan in December is Kalam Valley. Every traveler who experiences the winters in northern Pakistan favors Kalam, which is located in the upper regions of Swat. It is renowned for its captivating scene, cold lakes, hypnotic stream, dense forests, and magnificent snow-covered mountain peaks. To put it simply, one would be completely astonished by this valley’s incredible beauty. When compared to the weather in many places of Gilgit Baltistan, Kalam’s winter temperatures, which can drop as low as 1 degree Celsius, are still tolerable.

5. Hunza Valley

Hunza Pakistan

Hunza is an imaginative heaven on Earth, located about 100 kilometers from Gilgit. On the north and western bank of the Hunza River, in the Gilgit Baltistan region. As a result of its proximity to some of the tallest mountains, beautiful lakes, and most breathtaking landscapes in the world, the Hunza Valley is currently regarded as Pakistan’s top tourist attraction. Hunza is renowned for its beauty, but it also offers a variety of enjoyable activities. Hunza’s top attractions include Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, Hussani Bridge, and Passu. Yes, it’s cold, but it’s an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime!

6. Skardu

Skardu Pakistan

One of the nicest destinations in Pakistan to travel to during the winter is Skardu. Like heaven on Earth, that is. If you are traveling there by plane, you can begin to experience this amazing place’s mesmerizing beauty from the Skardu Airport. The tourists are treated to an astonishingly gorgeous glimpse of the snow-capped towering mountains. You can take advantage of the plentiful snowfall and create special winter vacations. When it comes to pure, crystal-clear lakes, majestic mountains, charming landscapes, or kind people, Skardu has it all.

7. Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali Pakistan

Another popular winter vacation spot in Pakistan is Nathia Gali, which is renowned for its scenic beauty, climbing trails, and tourist destinations. The region experiences considerable snowfall during the winter, and during very cold spells, the temperature can drop as low as -8 degrees Celsius.

Given its proximity to Murree, most visitors choose to visit the lovely mountain resort of Nathia Gali while they are there. Even though hiking could be an option for everyone during the snowy weather, you can spend your time discovering the area’s breathtaking natural beauty, going to the vibrant Nathia Gali Bazaar, and exploring St. Matthews Church, one of Pakistan’s most stunning and ancient churches.

Final Thoughts

These lovely locations provide you with an outstanding travel experience that combines beauty, a lively heritage and tradition, the warmth of the residents, and special events. Throughout your vacation, you can enjoy mouthwatering regional cuisines, locally grown dry fruits, and stunning natural views at each location. And don’t forget to take pleasure in the Festival that northerners celebrate during the winter.