Road to Gilgit City

Getting to Gilgit from Islamabad

Looking for an adventurous trip by road to Gilgit, unlike the boring and expensive plane ride? We got you, the distance between Gilgit and Islamabad is 310km and here we’ll let you know the best possible routes if you’re planning to visit. The vehicles on the road pass the most beautiful landscapes which one has to see at least once in their life,



Possible Routes?


One of the most famous routes is through the Karakoram Highway, which is a 1300km national highway. You will pass through the most beautiful views of KPK through this highway such as Mansehra, Shinkiari, and Battagram. This will be the most memorable journey as you travel through the world’s highest network and learn about the most enormous mountain ranges present. This journey will take about 16-18 hours.


Another possible route is through the N-15, which is a 240km-long national highway. It is used as the bypass of Karakoram Highway as it meets. This highway connects the city of Mansehra in KPK to Islamabad and you see the most wonderful views such as the Naran Kaghan Valley or the Babusar Top. It normally takes 4 hours to reach Mansehra and you can stop for meals or tea as you will find many restaurants or cafes in between your trip.


You can also take the bus rather than the car which will cost you 2,500 PKR and will take around 18 hours to reach Gilgit. You can buy the ticket a day before your visit.