Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore

Things to do in the walled city of Lahore

1. Walk down the Food Street

Get a chance to taste the local delicious cuisines of Punjab by visiting the most famous food streets of Pakistan. The old and famous street of Lahore is the Gawalmandi Food street, or take a walk through the Old Anarkali Food Street to get a taste.

2. Take a shopping Tour

The ideal place for shopping is Lahore, where you can get lost in the Anarkali Bazaar between the Souvenirs, Textile,Handicrafts,etc. Take a walk in the liberty market for some famous jewelry boutiques and affordable clothes with plenty of spots to grab snacks.

3. Find peace at Minar-e-Pakistan

Being a symbol of freedom for Pakistan, with snacks around, boat rides and horse carriage rides this place should be on top of your list to visit with family as it looks extremely magnificent to look at, at night.

4. Get energetic from the nationalism at Wagah Border

Even if you’re not a Pakistani, the enthusiasm during this show at Wagah Border where Pakistan meets India will give you goosebumps. You see the people cheering and the patriotism above and beyond for their country.

5. Enjoy the view of Shalamar Gardens

Shalamar Bagh with the fort, both hold great historical value to Lahore. Surrounded by greenery and mesmerizing fountains and waterfalls, this is one of the few places in Lahore where you feel relaxed enjoying the scenery.

6. Get Mystical at the oldest surviving Mughal Era Mosque

The Mosque of Mariam Zamani Begum is the earliest surviving monument in Lahore. This mosque was built in 1611-1614 by Jehangir who was the Mughal Emperor for his mother Mariam Zamani. The Interior is known to be magically beautiful, and the art inside sums up the representation of the culture in Lahore.