Here’s what you need to know about traveling to Mexico

Mexico has tons of wonderful landscapes and a lively culture that makes everyone want to experience it and if you’re a traveler who has been restricted due to Covid measures, you must be wondering how one can travel. For such reasons, we have a travel guide to help people plan out their trip in a very simple manner. Find more destinations in our travel updates by clicking here. But for now, we’re going to provide details about Mexico in particular.



Basics that you should know

Mexico is open to travelers all around the world without the need for a negative PCR test or on arrival quarantine. But health screening and temperature will be checked. Masks will be required and if anybody is showing symptoms, they can be asked to quarantine. Even though the land border between the US and Mexico is closed, air travel is allowed but US travelers will need to show a PCR test when they have to return to the US. CDC has advised travelers to be vaccinated since they put Mexico under level 3 which means high risk.



What can I expect on my visit?

People showing signs of covid will be subjected to quarantine. There is a color-coded traffic light implemented by the Mexican government for different places to show the transmission. Ranging from green to red, green is where restrictions are less as Covid is less severe and red is where restrictions are at the highest level with Covid being severe.

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