Karachi’s -10° Winterland Will Help You Beat The Summer

Ever considered spending time in a location that is entirely made of ice? This Winterland, Karachi, is set to bring a place with zero degrees of temperature and a lot of cold activities to do. Many of you would have seen icy locales in Western films and fantasized about going there, but it was impossible to do so in Pakistan. 


But today, things have changed. The tremendous response to this location’s creation has resulted in a constant stream of people asking the same question: “Is Winterland, Karachi, open today?” A lot of individuals are also curious about the cost of entrance to Winterland Karachi. Learn more about this place by reading the information below.


This location offers a lot for youngsters as well as even for adults, with more than what you could think. Additionally, individuals of all ages come to this location to experience the weather they have only ever seen in movies. The time is now to experience that fun.


  • -10 degrees Celsius 
  • Ice skating and an ice cream shop
  • Ice models of Godzilla and King Kong
  • ice sculptures, structures, and slides
  • Space World and the Penguin World
  • sculptures of animals and people made of ice
  • Ice replica of the Great Wall of China
  • The ice-based Marvel characters
  • Igloo as well as a long tunnel


Everyone is curious about how many different ways there are to have fun when it comes to the categories. Similarlyly to that, you can celebrate here with friends and relatives in various areas of Karachi’s Winterland.

  • Live Snowfall
  • Ice Air Hockey
  • Slides on ice
  • Ice artwork
  • Merry Snow Round

Vital Information

  • The snow room has a 60-minute maximum duration limit.
  • The visitors will receive jackets and gloves.
  • must always have a ticket on you.
  • It is not permitted to possess any edibles, cigarette products, or combustible items.
  • Before the session begins, visitors should come at the ticket office 10 minutes early.
  • Accessories and equipment may differ in size and precision.
  • Tickets that have been purchased cannot be exchanged.
  • Children under the age of two cannot purchase tickets.
  • You can request a reschedule or a refund if the session doesn’t happen as scheduled.
  • Anyone with a health issue (allergy, vertigo, or nausea) or who is pregnant should refrain from going into the chilly room.


Two different timetables might be found throughout the week depending on your free time. 

3 p.m. to 12 a.m., Monday through Friday

1 pm to 1 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

You should be aware that you cannot purchase tickets on-site. Before the event, tickets must be purchased. You have the option to purchase here in person, over the phone, or both.


The Winterland in Karachi offers a variety of packages concerning budget and amenities. You may see below discounts that are available on certain bundles.


  • 1500 Rupees (Per individual)
  • 5,000 rupees for group pass A (4 tickets)
  • 7,500 for group pass B (6 tickets)
  • 10,500 for group pass C (9 tickets)


The idea of snowfall is unusual in Pakistan because it only happens seldom, especially during the winter months. However, Winterland Karachi is now a distinctive location year-round. The locals are highly surprised by this, particularly in Karachi, where the sun reigns and it is extremely hot all day. It has been demonstrated to be a cooling wind for those who are sick of the sun’s heat. So, get ready to enjoy the fake snowfall with a variety of attractions and slides.